"I loved everything I got. Great prices and a hand written note with my order. Such a sweet touch"

-Ashlynn Valana 

New This Month

New This Month

Great little store. I purchased a bunch of maternity clothes and love them all...They shipped fast and I received them just as fast!

-Tabatha Thompson


Babymoon Fashions

"LOVE IT!! The variety, brands, sizing, condition. Everything is great! I cant wait to go back lol"

-Kim Howarth

Consignment Nursing Apparel

Consignment Nursing

"I was super impressed with this place! I managed to find so many things I had been searching for in vain at really reasonable prices!"

-Cassie Carter

Consignment Maternity

Consignment Maternity

"I was so lucky to stumble on this awesome little business online when I was searching for a cheaper way to buy maternity clothing. This is my second pregnancy, and while I have some maternity clothes from my first, many of them are for warm weather and I'll be a cold-weather bumper this time around! The prices at HEA maternity are so excellent compared to the high costs you would pay at motherhood, thyme or the like...."

-Kate Biondo

New Maternity Apparel

New Maternity

"Wow! Excellent service de la part de Nancy. Merci et je recommanderai assurément encore une fois ☺️"

-Claudiane Saumur-Middlemiss

New Nursing Apparel

New Nursing Apparel

"I'm so lucky I heard about this place! I went today and had a great experience! Super fair prices, great selection and nice atmosphere, with her cute little kiddos running around ♡"

-Serena Loback 

Due Date Collection

Due Date Collection

"I  went into the store today for the first time and found some amazing clothes! The prices were fantastic and the service was phenomenal! Thank you so much!!"

-Alyssa Holly

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