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How are maternity clothes different?

The short answer: Maternity clothes are designed to fit you as your bump grows. They are made to fit a growing belly and not look frumpy like upsizing does. Maternity tops, for example, are made to fit you the way your pre pregnancy tops did. They simply give you more room in the belly area. They have features that allows them to grow with you.

Here’s a look at some of the ways maternity tops are different from regular tops, and the fit you can expect.


Side Ruching


Side ruching is an elastic sewn into the side seam of the top. The fabric is lightly pleated on the sides as well.  This allows the fabric to stretch as your bump grows without thinning or stressing the fabric. The elastic and peats are what gives you the extra space you need. These tops are always fitted.


Smooth Side Seam


Tops with smooth side seams, that are designed to be fitted (think t-shirt), are tailored so there’s more fabric in the front than the back. This gives your belly room to grow.





Blouses are also made with more fabric in the front and are usually a loser fit. Most come with an optional matching belt you can add to define the shape of your bump.


Empire waist


Ay tops with an empire waist detail (stitching, elastic, seam, belt that ties back) are going t be fitted in the bust but relaxed over the bump.


Should or can you upsize in non-pregnancy clothes? With tops, you might be able to get away with it in the second trimester, but not the third. And to be honest with you, you can always tell when someone is upsizing, and it doesn’t look good. It looks frumpy and like you don’t care. Pants on the other hand you can’t upsize. You’ll be uncomfortable and constantly pulling them up.


Here's a link for the maternity tops I have available today. In the description you’; read if it has an empire waist detail or side ruching. If it’s fitted or if it’s relaxed.


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