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Birth Story

My idea with Happily Ever After (HEA) started with a problem. The problem is simple. Maternity clothing is too expensive, and it’s not easy to find. Shopping for your maternity wardrobe should be easy and fun! You’re pregnant! It should leave you feeling happy and beautiful. And, it should leave you with money in your pocket.

That’s why I chose to offer a mix of curated second-hand and new apparel for both pregnant and breastfeeding moms. You can’t beat the selection and you can’t beat the quality. Really! 

Shopping online for maternity clothing wasn’t done back in 2015, heck it wasn’t done much before COVID. Why? ‘Cause you want to try stuff on before you buy it! Am I right? (P.S. I have a satisfaction guaranteed return policy for that reason). Life won’t always let you go shopping from store to store to buy your clothes. That’s why I’m online 24 hours a day and why you never pay for returns.

Who Am I?

I’m Nancy, and fun fact, you can find my name in pregnancy! I’m a married mom of two-under-two (now 5&7). I’ve got a son and a daughter, and I’m also a special needs mom. #whatcantanautismomdo I also have a couple of chickens (if you don’t have chickens, don’t do it…they are addicting AF. For real. It’s a thing!)


10 Things to know about me

  1. Before starting HEA maternity I worked in archaeology. I had a short stint as an entrepreneur digitizing local historic documents and photographs.                                            me and my field crew!

  2. Yes I wore Second-hand clothing for both my pregnancy’s. I wore a mix of second-hand and new. And I went to A LOT of different stores to build my wardrobe. It was time consuming and required a lot of driving.
  3. Is HEA open to everyone? YES LGBTQ, teenagers, surrogates, rape survivors, planned pregnancies, unplanned pregnancies. Indigenous, black, brown, white, purple, undecided, it doesn’t matter to me. I offer a safe place to shop. You can be you with me. No judgement. Tears or Laughter, Jokes or banter, quiet and personal, alone or a couple. This is a safe place.
  4. Did you wear the brands you sell? Yes, that’s why I sell them. Cadenshae, a new brand coming to the store, I did not wear. But I’ve been reselling clothes since 2015 and I’ve always been impressed by the quality of their clothing.                                                                        
  5. Did you find out what you were having? YES, my husband HAD to know for both. So we knew we were having a boy, then we knew we were having a girl. If I did it again, it would be a surprise.
  6. Worst pregnancy symptoms? Heartburn and back pain at the height of my diaphragm.
  7. How long were your pregnancies? My son surprised us at 37 weeks and 2 days. You always hear of first babies coming late! Not him! 6lb15 oz and 19” long! My daughter showed up at 39 weeks. She was 8lbs 11oz, 20” long. She was in a hurry to get here too! She shot out of me like a cannon. The ring of fire is real!
  8. Did you breastfeed? Yes, with both my kids. I almost gave up with my son. Even though I’d taken a breastfeeding specific prep course with my husband. It was hard. And I found it painful. I had to set goals for myself. First it was 1 week, then 2 weeks then 1 month. Then BF came more naturally. I BF my daughter as well, she came out hungry and she knew what to do. She was also very gentle (my nickname for my son was barracuda). But at 11 months, she turned her head away from me and refused to continue breastfeeding. I had to switch to pumping and bottles. But I just couldn’t produce enough milk for a pump, so I had to offer formula as well. It was one of those frustrating moments where I felt powerless and like a failure. So many why questions. But we got through it, and today she’s happy, healthy, adventurous, and has an intense personality!   
  9. Did you have a doula? No, and I really wish I had one for my second. A postpartum doula and belly wrapping would have been a godsend. I thought I could do it all, and to be blunt, that was stupid of me. At that time, we were going through the medical system to try to determine what was wrong with our son (I have some blog posts about it). I had way too much on my plate, business included, and I started to suffer maternal mental health decline. I also had a pelvic floor issue post partum that went undiagnosed for two years.
  10. How did your husband react to pregnancy #2? Not well LOL. I was training for a half marathon when I decided we should try for #2. I didn’t want the kids to have the same birthday, so we decided we were going to try for the month of June, then stop for July and August, and start again in September. I got pregnant right away! My husband panicked. He brought the car in for an oil change and came home with a minivan! I’m not kidding. I’m a minivan driving mom. Doesn’t sound sexy but the van handles itself well and holds my kayak (‘cause this mama still needs me time)!!!

Why am I still doing it?


Because it’s fun! And I think since 2015 I’ve gotten better at it! I love being a part of other women’s pregnancy journeys. It’s nice making a difference, and I know I have because I’ve received the best reviews, emails, and recommendations. Yes a piece of clothing is a small part of pregnancy. But clothing has the power to transform us and make us happy. And I love spreading that happiness!


Any questions don't hesitate to reach out.