For True North Creative

The Journey

Here is where I started with the business "logo". I put Logo is quotations marks because it really wasn't much of a logo.


And I was using this stock image with it


I chose pink because of this image and it was a stand out colour often associated with pregnancy.

But I didn't like this image or this shade of Pink so I changed the grouping in January.

I softened the pink and added green. Just pink was bothing me, and the green was for the environment. I decided this year to push the sustainable benefits of matenity consignment, which makes up a large part of HEA's inventory and sales. There is a movement starting against fast fashion, and consignment is a cost saving and environment saving alternative.

I also added the Canadian flag because there are lots of drop shipping companies targetting canadian pregnant women on Facebook and Amazon. Women order cheap clothing from them that takes 30 days to arrive and is too smal because it's not sized for a north american market. I wanted to make sure women knew it was a canadian Company.

I've never develloped a "catch Phrase".

Where I want to Go

Happily Ever After Maternity is too long, so I want to switch to HEA Maternity. I already have the rights to the domain

I don't know if logo colour matters. Two of the resale shops I follow on Insta both have just black. So I am open to a colour change.

I want something

  • uncluttered and clean
  • instagram worthy -modern
  • i still want to convery that it's maternity clothing
  • I used to want to emphasize Canadian, but I am trying to push into the US, so that might not be benneficial.
  • I want it to be eyecatching and memorable. 

Here is the link to the Pinterest Album I started with logo's I like.