Our Birth Story

Founded in 2015!

Happily Ever After Maternity came to be on Canada Day 2015.  The pregnant women at the Canada Day celebrations made me reminisce about how hard it was to find maternity clothing. I decided that day I would resell maternity clothing!

Who does that? Who decides that sort of thing on a whim?

As my son neared 12 months I became restless. I felt the drive to return to work but there were no jobs in my field in this area, which meant travel and long absences from home. So what was I going to do? It had to have purpose and meaning, because giving up the career I loved was not going to be easy.

HEA is a meaningful endeavour for me because I know I am providing a service that is needed in my community and elsewhere in Canada. There are very few retailers that offer maternity clothing in Canada, and let’s face it, maternity clothing is expensive.

Prior to becoming a mom, my background was in Ontario Archaeology which kept me away from home 5-6 days a week. It was a hard decision to give up archaeology, but the lifestyle wasn’t compatible with the type of parent I wanted to be. I live in Petawawa ON with my husband and I am the proud (and sometimes tired LOL) Mom of two children, my high energy preschool son and my fearless toddling daughter!



We've been connecting with expectant mothers on Facebook since July 2015, but the business didn't really start to take shape until after my daughter was born in early 2016.

We are an online home based business that sells new & consignment maternity clothing and breastfeeding apparel, as well as jacket extenders for pregnancy and babywearing. 

We've accomplished some pretty incredible things since we launched!

We started our website in January 2017  🤱🤰💕

Happily Ever After Maternity grew in November 2017 when our first order with Momzelle arrived! Secondhand was not meeting the local demand for nursing apparel so we decided to carry the Canadian brand Momzelle. 

In 2018 we branded our first nursing top! 🤱 A plus-sized seamless nursing cami designed with support and comfort in mind. This top is perfect for bustier women who wear a size M-XL and is designed to fit sizes XXL/1X, 2X/3X. This is a great piece to sleep in, and it will also transform any top you own into a nursing top.


In 2018 we welcomed back expectant moms who had shopped with us in 2016💕!! That was really exciting for us for two reasons: 1) they remembered us and enjoyed their first experience enough to come back, 2) we were able to share our growth with them! 
In 2018 Nest & Sprout Maternity started carrying our plus sized nursing camis! Rachelle is such a delight! And it was great to be able to talk to someone who was doing something similar in BC. Regular women just don’t get as excited about breast pads, coat extenders and floral prints. But she gets it 😉.

In 2018/2019, Alicia got in contact with us with questions about maternity resale. She hand-picked a selection of our secondhand maternity clothing from our wholesale collection to start her off, and she’s launched her business in PEI Rosie James & Co.  She offers a mix of new and consignment maternity clothing. Now expectant and breastfeeding moms in PEI no longer need to leave the island to shop for their maternity needs! Alicia has an incredible sense of style! .



In 2018 we started hosting pop-up shops at the Rotary Room at the Petawawa Public Library. 


In 2018 we added Naked Nursing tanks to our breastfeeding apparel. Naked Nursing tanks are Canadian made and designed to turn any top you own into a breastfeeding top.


In 2019 we've added Kokoala coat entenders for your pregnancy and babywearing needs! These Canadian made extenders are designed to be unisex! 



If you are local and would like to view the inventory in person, send us a message to arrange an appointment. To best accommodate your needs, set up is done by size 7 days a week.


Mixing resale with Canadian brands has added so much value to our community. It's a great way to save money and leave a light footprint on our environment.


In the future, we look forward to bringing you affordable maternity and breastfeeding fashions from our very own brand!  We will be offering sizes XS to 3X and are expecting to launch our first product in Spring 2020!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch

You can find HEA on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!



Thanks, Ladies!