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At the bottom of this page, I'll have quick links to specific products like tank tops, shorts, activewear....etc. That way, if you're looking for something that wasn't featured in the virtual market, you can find it quickly!

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This gorgeous maxi dress was designed to fit you long after your pregnancy is over.

It has a flattering silhouette. It has an elastic waist above the bump and a loose fitting drape. After your pregnancy the waist will sit at your bra line and flow loosely around you.

The dress has a cross over front so you can breastfeed in it.

Best of all, it has pockets!

This Canadian brand does workout apparel well! The racerback seamless bra is perfect for low impact maternity workouts and great for postpartum activities like spin, Pilates, bare, yoga, lifting.

 Available in 2 colours. 

The pants are really stretchy and they hold sweat really well! The panel can be worn full or folded.

The best part! These leggings can be worn to breastfeed! The panel is so high when you don’t have a bump, that it comes to your bra! That means you can wear any top you own, lift to breastfeed and your abdomen is covered!

I love clothing that’s designed to give you a lot of wear out of it!

Pieces can per purchased separately or as a set!

This t-shirt weight sweater is designed to fit you during your pregnancy and long after.

It has a cute elbow pad detail and pockets!

Layer with a cami for the perfect spring top!  You don’t need to be pregnant to wear this top!



This is a wardrobe staple when you’re breastfeeding. This basic T-shirt has a sturdy thick fabric that holds up to multiple washes. It’s fitted with a flattering silhouette.

Lift access means you only need one hand to lift your top and unhook your bra, perfect for those moments when baby is hangry and already in your arms! 

Four solid colours, one stripe, and one floral print available. Sizes XS to XXL available in most. Some of these are in stock, and some will need to be ordered in. Delivery of tops not in stock will be approximately 2 weeks after the show.

Save $10

A casual classic! Our breastfeeding hoodie is designed to give you quick access to you breast when baby is fussing, and you need to move fast!

This hoodie is designed with care, so you won’t overheat when you’re breastfeeding. It’s made of a mid-weight fabric, a bit heavier than a t-shirt. That also makes this top perfect for spring and cool summer nights! 

Four Colours available Sizes XS-XL

Some of these are in stock, and some will need to be ordered in. Delivery of tops not in stock will be approximately 2 weeks after the show.

Because we know money is tight right now, we’ve marked down some of our new breastfeeding apparel last ones to 40% off!

 We’re going through something scary and difficult together, and we understand that your needs as a pregnant woman and breastfeeding mother aren’t going to go away because of this pandemic. We are so grateful for all the support we’ve received over the years, this sale is one of the ways we’d like to help and give back to you.  We hope this sale helps you with your basic wardrobe needs!




HEA’s due date collection is made up of consignment clothing that is close to the end of its contract. 40% of the sale price of our consignment pieces go into a new mom’s pocket! When you make a purchase with HEA, you aren’t just supporting a small business, you’re also supporting other families!

We also have some end of season new maternity apparel in this section as well.

Use code DUE at checkout to save 25% on the clothing in this section!


All Bootcut and Straight leg jeans are also 25% off! Use Code Due at Checkout. Some of these consignment pieces are still new with tags!

Jeans are great for spring, and if you love a good DIY project, cut them and turn them into cut off jean shorts for the summer! What a great way to extend the wear of one piece of clothing!


Mystery Bundles!

We've put something fun together for you! 

An exciting mix of new and consignment pieces to build your breastfeeding wardrobe.

Save up to 50%!


Here are the quick links I promised to help you get to what you're looking for faster!

Consignment Breastfeeding Apparel

Nursing Bras

Skinny Jeans



Dress Pants

Casual Pants

Tank Tops

Short Sleeve Tops



Long Sleeve Tops