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How do Newborn Babies Show Love?

How does your Newborn Show love?

In the beginning your baby will express its love when you meet their three basic human needs; 

  • comfort (dry and warm), 
  • trust/protection (you’re there for them when they cry), 
  • nourishment (you keep their belly full). 

As baby gets older, they start to mimic your expressions of love.

Smiles, kisses, touching, and eye contact. They interact with you, they put their arms out for you, and they get upset when you leave. 
You won’t hear the words “I love you” for a few years. But their body language has been telling you they love you since they were born!

A common stereotype about kids with autism is that they don’t show love or affection in any way.

But affection is shown in more ways than the words "I love you" and physical contact for a kiss or a hug. The human love language is much more complex than that.

Since every child with autism is different, affection can be reciprocated in different ways.

it might be 

·       displayed through an uncharacteristic moment of eye contact,

·       with words

·       tokens

·       gestures

·       a touch

  • allowing you to join in their play

When you have a child on the spectrum, you learn a alot about non-verbal ways of communication and expressions of affection. 

It can be hard as a parent, because you have an expectation of how love should be expressed, and you aren't receiving it the way you thought you would be. It's a big mindset change. 

You can often feel disconnected from your child which is a horrible helpless feeling. And with all the doctors and specialists focusing on what your child can't do, where their delays are, you live in a world that points out the negatives and the wrong.  

For your health it's important to focus on the positives. On the things your child can do today that they couldn't do yesterday. And a gratitude practice can help you with that. We have a blog post about gratitude here. 


Do you have a child to the spectrum?

I'd live to hear your story!

Please comment or send me an email. 

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