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How to Size Yourself for the Everyday Bra by Cadenshae

About the Everyday bra

The Everyday bra is a medically endorsed sports bra created by Cadenshae. You can wear this bra pregnant, and even if you don't plan to breastfeed. It is designed with clips to give you feeding access. 

Cadenshae bras have been medically endorsed for reducing the risk of blocked ducts and mastitis.

The Everyday bra is a stylish and discreet black racerback feeding bra for everyday wear! 

And it is trusted by thousands of mothers worldwide, here's one of the latest reviews.

“Must have. I LOVE this bra, it's my favourite. It's so comfortable, I wear it all the time (even when I'm not working out). I prefer it to so many other maternity bras, even ones that I have been professionally fitted for. The fabric has a really nice stretch to it so it doesn't feel restrictive, but supports well. I got this bra along with the ‘Smoothie Crop Bra’ as well as the ‘Fit2Feed.’ I absolutely love the others too but I do prefer this one because of the comfort. I got a large in all three of the bras but I ended up exchanging this one for a medium because of the nice stretch it has. It's the best sports bra (and bra in general) I have ever owned. I'll wear it even after I've finished breastfeeding.” - Melanie.


Like all bra sizing, there's two measurements you need.


Your under-bust measurement, also called your empire waist.

You measure around where your bra strap wraps around your body.

This determines your band size, which for most bra sizes, is represented by an even number. but not for the Everyday bra.

The Everyday bra is sized by measurement, not by converting to a bra size

The chart below shows you the bra size for your band size. 


Your bust measurement. You get this measurement by measuring around your bust at nipple level. This measurement gives you your cup size, which is usually a letter (A, B, C, D, E, F, DD ect...)

The Everyday bra doesn't convert to a conventional bra size, it uses your actual measurements. 

The chart below shows you the bra size for your measurement. 


Trouble shooting

I measure
34" under-bust (size Large)
39" in the chest  (size M or L)

Both bras fit, but the medium was too tight. the large was a perfect fit. 

If your underbust and chest measurements offer you different sizes pick the size that is common to both. 


for example your chest measures 32 (size small) and your underbust measures a 33 (Size large)? In this example you could try a size medium, but you'd likely have gapping in the cups or by the armpit, and the bra would not fit you well. 

You 'll need to find another bra style.


I hope this helps take some of the mystery out of bra shopping. I know bra shopping is hard to do online because you can't try them on to make sure they're a good fit. 

Using the measurements provided by Cadenshae, I created a chart that breaks down the different bra sizes that all within these measurements. 

These are also found in the product description for the bra. 

Use this link to buy your size of the Everyday bra!


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