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I’ve been hard at work going through the maternity clothes and pulling out all the old clothes. Before I was a consignment shop, I used to buy maternity clothing outright, and over the years a few pieces have stuck around.  I’ve spent the last week going through all the clothes in person, and digitally, and I created an epic clearance section for you. I have pieces in your size, multiple seasons.


I discovered that some of the pieces in some of the sizes, somehow, fell through the cracks and never got photographed and posted! So, if you’ve been scrolling your size online, there’s going to be pieces you’ve never seen before!


Prices start at $4.99, and end at $35 (gowns). Most pieces are $4.99 or $9.99. This is a great opportunity to get what you need, and have money left over for other things in life!


Enjoy the savings! And, for a short time, you can save an extra 15% off the clearance section with code CLEAR

ends Aug 31, 2023


PLEASE tell your pregnant and breastfeeding friends! I’d really like help spreading the word about my small business, and there’s no better advertising than word of mouth! Your referrals have so much power!


Happy Savings




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