Dandelions, A Parent's Best Friend!

There's nothing more heartwarming than the pride on your toddler (or child's) face when they present you with a fist full of dandelions!

Everything they experience and share with us is so Raw.  Real. Uncomplicated.



Dandelions are found world wide throughout history. It's believed that they were brought to North America by the first settlers for their nutritional and medicinal benefits. In the twentieth century, with new value placed on green lawns, and a more abundant food supply, dandelions were reclassified as a weed by popular culture.

Dandelions are incredibly resilient and grow in almost any soil. 


  • We now classify a useful plant as a weed. 

  • It's resilient

  • Environment doesn't matter, they adapt

  • It's a beautiful colour

  • It's prized and appreciated by tiny fingers

  • It's given as an offering by tiny finger. 


How you frame things in our mind matters.

The words you use matter.

    I heard Lauren Daigle's song,  "You Say", on the radio, and it really resonated with me. Now, I know this is a christian song and she's taking about god, I don't want to take away from that. But (I like big butts) make it about yourself.


    • Choose kind

    • Chose growth

    • Choose Love

    • Choose Forgiveness

    • No one is expecting you to be perfect, don't be so hard on yourself


    COVID is wearing us all down. I'm not saying be positive no matter what, that's not real, and I doubt it's humanly possible. But choose to be patient with yourself, and find gratitude in the little things. Challenge yourself to write a gratitude journal 3-7 days a week, and make one of the things you're grateful for your social media post for the day. 

    Count the small victories, and make a big deal about them! 

    You can't always control your environment, but you do have control over how you react to it. Be a dandelion, grow anywhere, through anything. 


    Another quote from Lauren  Daigle's song,  "You Say",  resonated with me. I felt like she was talking to my inner voice. 

    I imagine myself having a conversation with myself when I read this. Yeah I talk to myself, out-loud sometimes too. LOL

    Resilience is not always pushing through, it's taking a break. It's adapting and finding the path of least resistance. The strength necessary to adapt comes from you. You need to be well rested and you need to take care of yourself. 

    Lots of love friend, You got this.

     My lockdown weekend was full of dandelions and this song. I thought I'd share and maybe help someone find these words who needs them right now. 


    Lauren  Daigle's song,  "You Say" is a beautiful song. It may resonate with you right now. Here's the link to the YouTube Video

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    I was going to use the word pure in this blog post, but I think that's a dangerous word. When you use the word pure to talk about people, you're raising a pedestal. The fall from that pedestal brings pain and shame, points out differences in a negative light, or it sets us apart from others and breeds unhealthy divisions. It's historically also been a high standard imposed on women. 

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