Store Hours

Because I have two school age children, and one has special needs, September is a long and crazy month full of paperwork and tears. So this year I'm doing myself a favour.  I won't be holding regular hours in September, I will be by appointment only.

Appointments aren't formal, but they are a commitment. Let me know you're coming and I'll unlock the store for you. 


About the "She Shed" store

During COVID you needed a place to try things on! The Shed was a perfect COVID proof solution. It's a fully insulated, heated and cooled space for an intimate shopping experience. If you'd like the place to yourself, you can still make appointments to come in and shop during the week

Spacious fitting room will fit a stroller if you're shopping with your LO.

FULL door mirror so you can get a good look and take Bumpfies

The sitting bench has a secret inside! Toys! Safe for all ages to play with while you take your time to try on clothes. 

The store is organized by size. Maternity clothing is found together, and the breastfeeding tops are organized together.