Consignments & Donations Guidelines

What we DON'T Want

  • bras & underwear

  • wide leg dress pants

  • cords

  • tops with pilling

  • clothing with any stains, animal fur or defects

  • unbranded clothing from drop-shipping companies. That means clothing purchased from Ali Express, Wish, Amazon, Facebook stores like Pat Pat ect. 

  • jeans that are thinning in the crotch or have worn out hems

  • belly bands

  • support belts 


  • Clothing must be washed and free of stains and defects. Please remove all pet hair. You want your clothing to look its best.

  • We will pay the shipping on consignment items if you're not in the Renfrew County area. A minimum of 15 pieces is required if you're shipping items to us.

  • 60% of sale price goes to HEA and 40% minus $0.50 per piece goes to you. The extra cost of $0.50 per piece is to help offset the shipping cost increase that came into effect January 2021. 

  • The consignment term is 1 year

  • No cap on the total number of items you can consign with us. We do accept clothing from other retailers that are closing. 

  • All clothing must be maternity brands. We do not accept clothing from drop-shipping companies.

For more information please contact us for our guidelines and contract.


Warmest Regards,


COVID-19: You can read more about where our clothing has come from since December 2019 on our blog