Consignments & Donations

We are currently looking for:

Maternity & Breastfeeing Apparel

  • Size XS All Seasons
  • Size S All Seasons
  • Size M All Seasons
  • Size L All Seasons
  • Size XL All Seasons
  • Size XXL All Seasons
  • Plus Sizes All Seasons


  • Clothing must be washed and free of stains and defects. Please remove all pet hair.
  • We will pay the shipping on consignment items if you are not in the Petawawa area.
  • 60% of sale price goes to HEA and 40% goes to you.
  • The consignment term is 1 year
  • No cap on the number of items you can consign with us.
  • All clothing must be maternity brands.

For more information please contact us for our guidelines and contract.


Warmest Regards,