Consignments & Donations

As part of the CODIV-19 Social distancing initiative, Consignments are closed until further Notice.

You can read more about where our clothing has come from since December 2019 on our blog



If you would like to consign with us and you don't live in Petawawa, we provide a free shipping label. Your order must contain a minimum of 15 pieces, all must be maternity brands and must be stain, pet hair and defect free.

  • Clothing must be washed and free of stains and defects. Please remove all pet hair.
  • We will pay the shipping on consignment items if you are not in the Petawawa area.
  • 60% of sale price goes to HEA and 40% goes to you.
  • The consignment term is 1 year
  • No cap on the number of items you can consign with us. 
  • All clothing must be maternity brands.

For more information please contact us for our guidelines and contract.


Warmest Regards,