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As a result of bulk buying and panic buying our local stores are sold out of baby wipes. 

Baby wipes are essential if you have a baby or toddler in diapers. 

When my children were babies I used store-bought wipes, but I also made my own wipes.

You can make your own reusable or disposable wipes at home. It's easy, fast and affordable. I've collected some online resources to help you with this DIY journey! 


The Wipes

With my little ones, we used the baby washcloths from the dollar store, and we only used these washcloths as wipes.  

We also used cut up cotton flannel material from old PJ bottoms that had ripped in the seat. We washed the pants in hot water, hung to dry, then cut the pants up into rectangles that were approximately 10"x7". This was the largest size, we cut most pieces smaller. The washcloths from the dollar store were 8"x7".

If I could sow I would have finished the edges on the cut fabric but it's not necessary. The picture is of a piece of fabric we now use as a cleaning rag.

We also used paper towel for disposable wipes. I don't recommend toilet paper, and not because there is a shortage right now, but because toilet paper doesn't hold up as well when wet. Paper towel does a better job. 

The above I've used and the material was soft and gentle on baby's skin and it wiped poo out of some sensitive places and skin folds. Have a non-porous bin or large bowl to place the used cloths. Keep the used cloths away from the clean cloths so there is no cross contamination during a diaper change. 

A suggestion would be hand made fabric face pads or reusable breast pads that don't have a waterproof lining. These are usually 4-6" in diameter and made of a great washable fabric. They'd be big enough to clean a pee and a "tame poo". The unicorn fabric face pads above I purchased from Sooo Fun Designs in June 2019 and they've washed up amazing! I've used these with skincare products, not for diaper changes, but they've held up really well to months of washing and I think would work as reusable wipes. 

The Solution

Rule #1, you only dip clean dry cloths in your solution. NO DOUBLE DIPPING. Need more, use a clean cloth.  I bought plastic bowls at the dollar store. One bowl held the dirty cloths, the other bowl held the solution at room temperature. 

If you're making disposable wipes, your wipes will be staying in the solution. A plastic wipes container works really well. Rectangular food storage containers or a hard plastic pencil case (picture below) also work well. You need something with a lid. 

We used water or water mixed with a bit of body wash. We didn't use anything else, and we didn't have any skincare concerns with our little ones. But we all have different comfort levels with "down there" and with poo and pee so I've looked up some easy DIY Wipe Solution recipes. Here they are in no particular order.

Green Child makes a solution using water, olive oil, castile soap, and ale vera.

Wellness Mama makes a solution using water, pure witch hazel extract, Castile soap, , vitamine E, and optional essential oils. 

Favorite Family Recipies makes a solution using water, baby bath soap and baby oil.

One Good Thing makes a solution using water, coconut oil, and baby wash.


I hope the above information helps you feel empowered. I know how hard I can be on myself when I run out of something and I should have seen it coming. I like to be prepared. With people buying bulk and panic buying, I can't imagine how awful it would feel to be faced with an empty shelf at the store for something you need right now. 

I hope this helps someone. Don't let the idea of DIY scare you. It's a bit more work than store-bought but it's just as safe for your baby. 

If you've made your own baby wipes please share your recipe and your experience in the comments! 

thinking of you during this stressful time!


Nancy XOXO


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