How to Keep Your Family Active Even When You’re Stuck Indoors: A COVID-19 Guide

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 Stuck inside and feeling a bit stir-crazy? Well if you’ve been missing out on your regular fitness routines, that makes a lot of sense. Of course, life feels even more stressful if you have kids at home that are also missing out on playtime. So how can you keep your family healthy without risking your safety? The answer to that question is simple: You can work out at home! These resources can help you get started so you can burn calories, help your kids burn up extra energy, and reduce tension for your entire family.


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Invest in Setting Up a Home Gym

Creating a gym or workout space is easier than you think, and you can use these resources to make sure you have the right gear:

Top Yoga Equipment Sets
10 Essential Items To Outfit Your Home Gym

Budget-Friendly and Compact Workout Gear

11 of the Best Indoor Trampoline Options for Active Kids

A Checklist for Clearing Bad Energy from Your Home


Find a Few Family-Friendly Workouts

If you have kids at home, finding time for exercise can be a challenge. You can solve that problem by using these kid-tested fitness tips to plan active activities for your family:

Online Yoga Classes for Kids and Toddlers

Free Online Exercise Activities for Families

Active Indoor & Outdoor Games for Kids

7 Gentle Postpartum Yoga Poses for New Moms


Look for Online Fitness Classes for Adults 

The videos and resources in the section above will get you moving with kids, but sometimes you may want to work out solo. That’s where these free fitness resources can come in handy:


Top Fitness Studios Streaming Free Classes

Best Free Fitness Channels on YouTube

Top Free Fitness Apps


Get Outside for Fresh Air and Fitness

Having resources to help you stay fit at home is essential, but it’s also okay to step outside for some exercise, so long as you use these tips to stay safe:


Yoga Garden: Find Your Zen In Your Backyard 

How to Safely Exercise Outside During Lockdowns

Tips for Wearing a Mask While Exercising Outside

HIIT Workouts to Try in Your Backyard


Of course, at the end of the day, in addition to staying active, addressing your overall health is key. This means healthy eating, getting enough rest, and making rest days work for you.

With so many home fitness options, there’s no reason why you have to feel sluggish and stressed while social distancing at home.

Create a workout space at home, plan some family exercise activities, and start taking your favorite fitness classes online. And try to get outside for some exercise, even if it’s only out in your own backyard.


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As a mom, Anya Willis understands getting kids to be active is no easy feat. She knows yoga isn’t for everyone, so she’s always scouting new ways to get kids moving to help parents keep their children healthy. 


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