Maternity Photoshoots with a Toddler: 20 of the most inspiring moments

The best pictures aren’t taken, they capture a moment and the personality of the subject.

I’ve never been a huge fan of photo studio poses. They appear stiff and lack personality. They aren’t memorable. And, if you’re trying to incorporate your LO in these pictures, your LO isn’t likely to enjoy themselves. And if you LO isn’t having fun, he or she is less likely to cooperate.

And I don’t blame them. You’re asking your LO to be something they aren’t capable of. Being still. And giving their focus to an inanimate object that has no appeal to them.

Below are examples of photoshoots that jumped out at us, and what the images make us feel!



Photo by Miranda North

The way mom's looking at her first born!!!! And you can tell they love to cuddle up together. 

Photo from Click Love Grow

This looks like a moment in the life of Mom. It's a simple pose but so sweet!


Photo by Naray Rocha Fotógrafa

The playfulness! You can tell this family likes to have fun together.  It's clear that this is something their first born has enjoyed before!


Photo by J Amado photography

They have a sense of humour! And they clearly like physical play! They made this photoshoot their own by showing their personality.


Photo by J Amado photography

I love this! Clearly they were going to recreate a popular pose right now. I know you've seen it. Where partner is kissing the belly and toddler is kissing mom. They made this pose their own! Mom's posture and LO's coy smile! 



I love this one! It looks like Dad's trying to call his daughter and I can just hear her saying "No! Mommy!" LOL. Makes me think of my daughter and how only mommy will do sometimes.


Photo by Melissa Hartigah

 I love the looks on their faces. You see a lot of mom holding child poses but you can tell these are genuine looks they're giving each other!


Photo by Marlena Watson Photo

If breastfeeding is part of your pregnancy, make it a part of your photoshoot. It's a snapshot of your everyday life right now. It might not be a picture you'll want to share on social, but it's a picture that'll bring back memories for you and you'll cherish it for years to come. 


Photo by dbaizaphotos

 This picture is bursting with personality. It's unique. And 100% an expression of this family! Not to mention the cool factor!


Photo credit: Katie Rain for BabyCenter

This picture feels authentic. I think they've cuddled like this a lot. Mom had morning sickness and her daughter cuddled mom to make her feel better.  

Photo by Captured Happiness Photography 

Group hug!!! OMG I can feel the love in this picture!

Photo by Justinelement 

Who doesn't like bathroom humour LOL. But seriously this picture tells a story! and I can relate to it! My husband taught our son how to "pee on a tree" and my little dude had no problems just whipping it out and peeing everywhere! No shame. LOL. This picture reminds me of one of the struggles of being a boy mom. This picture tells a story! and I can relate to it!


Photo by Marion & You photography

Reading with your toddler! Not only is this a a picture full of love and care. This is a snapshot into their life together.  Incorporating a familiar activity with your toddler during a photoshoot will help keep them cooperative. 


Mud fight! The photo series for this photoshoot are worth checking out. You can tell this family likes to have fun together and they aren't afraid to get a little dirty!

Photo by Fotography

I love the "day in a life of" feel of this picture. And the peaceful home vibe. 

Photo by Little Lovely

Walking the dog! Don't forget your fur baby! This looks like a dressed up version of a walk the family takes every evening! 


This picture is posed, but I like the break from the traditional, with the toddler standing at mom's shoulder. I like the hand being held and I like that this picture doesn't hide her bump

Photo by Fife Photography

I love this one because it looks like a moment captured between poses. Both parents looking down at their first born, the focus being on her, is what really stands out for me in this picture. 


Photo by Yuna Leonard

I love this picture because their just chillin together. And it's not a forced "touch mommy's belly". This looks like a nice moment to be a part of. 

Photo by Third Strand Photography

Clearly the family was posed like this, but I love the candid feel of the picture. The expressions, the different directions of focus , and the thumb sucking.


Which is your favourite? Comment and let us know!

Find inspiration for your maternity photoshoot but remember to do you! Plan ahead and share your ideas with your photographer. 

Have fun and capture memories that will last a lifetime!


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