My Breastfeeding Journey- By LeeAnn Palmer-Ward

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LeeAnn is the Strong Mama who is sharing her journey through Growing Our Ausome Family and LeeAnn Palmer Ward Fitness


In honour of international breastfeeding week, I thought I would share a bit about my journey. We have been through it all in the breastfeeding department. I haven’t always shared my struggles, although there have been plenty but this week especially I realize my struggles could be encouragement to others.

Seek out a lactation consultant, if in your heart breastfeeding what you truly feel you are meant to do there IS help.

Baby #1

My first baby I wasn’t able to nurse, I pumped while in the hospital as much as I could but really didn’t have the knowledge or support with that first baby.

Baby #2

My second baby was a much different experience, she latched immediately and did great but I was told she needed to be supplemented. At 6 months old I felt like I couldn’t make enough so switched her to formula, what I didn’t know was all the supplementing and the eventual switch was just cluster feeding.

Baby #3

Baby 3 was a dream he nursed amazingly until he was 2, but with him I experienced my first case of mastitis. It was so horrible and I always prayed I would never deal with that again.

Baby #4

With baby 4 I would experience my first ever tongue-tie, which turned out to be 2 tongue ties and a lip tie. We had to use a nipple shield and due to autism sensory issues, we used that shield until she self-weaned at 12 months old.


Baby #5

Baby 5 again had a tongue tie but we learned so much the last time that we had it taken care of and he did great...until it grew back a few months later which is basically unheard of. We had it taken care of again and he did great until he self-weaned around 14 months.

Now here we are on the breastfeeding journey again.

Baby #6

This little guy has a tongue, lip and cheek tie but it was taken care of and he’s eating and gaining weight like a champ.

On top of all those struggles, multiple children had acid reflux which is a whole other battle.

I share all this so you know that if you are struggling, if you are facing ANY of these challenges, I am here for support and encouragement and to offer any advice I have learned over the years and 6 babies.

Seek out a lactation consultant, if in your heart breastfeeding what you truly feel you are meant to do there IS help.

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