Setting Your Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Intentions

And how we can help you save money and look your best.

The holidays are over, and our first full ‘holiday hangover’ week is complete! Getting back to a familiar routine can be both reassuring and draining after the festivities of the holiday season.

January marks a time of new beginnings. A time some of us set resolutions or intentions for the year to come and for shorter periods. We set our hopes and dreams for 2020. Setting intentions for the year, yourself, and your parenting style is really important. And the sooner, before baby is born, the better. Even if this is your second (or third+) child, you need to set parenting intentions because your family dynamic is going to change and your “busy” is going to increase A LOT. Deepak Chopra, MD, reminds us that "intention is much more powerful when it comes from a place of contentment than if it arises from a sense of lack or need." Intentions can be set at any time and should be revisited often.

If you're pregnant, now is a good time to set your intentions for your postpartum period. These intentions can act as your road map on the hard days or those long nights.
Make it a plan for those hard tired times, a reminder of who you are. This is best done before times get hard!



I attended an Intentions setting workshop at Beyond the Mat Yoga this January!


My intention for the year 2020 is change. There are a lot of things in my life that need to be adjusted so that they can work better for me. My intention for the month of January is to rest and reconnect with myself and my family. To reconnect with myself, I’ve scheduled some me time weekly. To reconnect with my husband, we’ve turned off the tv after the kids have gone to bed and we play cards or board games. To better connect with my kids (3.5 & 5.5years), I’ve decided to ask them what they are interested in before I drag them out to activities I think they will enjoy or I feel they need. This week my daughter didn’t want to go skating, a skill I think she needs to learn, instead, she wanted to stay in and paint fingernails and cuddle. So that’s what we did! And we had a wonderful “mommy-daughter Day”.


Intentions don’t have to be big and long term. They can be daily. What do you want today for yourself? What do you want today for your family? What’s a small thing you can do to give you the feeling and satisfaction you are after?


We will talk more about intentions on our blog in the coming weeks.


New beginnings don’t have to be expensive. And if the environment is one of the things you want to be more conscious of, we can help you. Shopping secondhand is a sustainable way to buy your clothing, it benefits the environment in many ways. Less pollution, less water consumption, lower carbon emissions, and less raw maternity exploitation. You become an environmental minimalist!  You also save money! 40 to 70% off the retail price! 

Here’s how HEA and your maternity wardrobe can help support your intentions.



If your intention is to get fit and build a sense of community by meeting other expectant moms at Prenatal or Baby & Mom yoga, we’ve got new and a few consignment workout clothing in stock. We have yoga bras coming in soon, and lots of options for workout pants in our consignment section. We’ve created a collection to make your browsing easier.

New & Consignment Activewear



If your intention is to travel someplace warm or to get ready for your spring and summer maternity & breastfeeding needs now, we carry swimwear, summer dresses, capris, skirts, tanks, and shorts year-round. We have great cotton and linen blend pants for the airport and your final destination. Our return period for summer apparel is extended to June 30th, so you can shop ahead of time and still have the opportunity to return the items if they don’t fit the way you would have liked when the weather warms up.

Summer Maternity Tops & Dresses

Summer Bottoms 


If your intention is to slow down and cozy up with netflix or a book, we have you covered! We’ve got lots of comfy pants in stock in all sizes. Leggings and yoga pants to lounge around in and wear on those days when you find it hard to be comfortable in your own body. We’ve got basic long sleeves, sweatshirts and knits to partner up with these. Or t-shirts and cardigans if baby is turning up the heat and you fluctuate from hot and cold, layering is key!

Comfy Pants

Comfy Tops 


Welcome, 2020! And thank you so much for being part of our HEA community!

I’d love to see more of you this year! Tag @hea.maternity #heamama on Instagram, or pm us your bump and mama baby pics on facebook!

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I wish you all the best for 2020, may you live your Happily ever After this year!

Lots of Love and warm regards,



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