Benefits of Shopping Secondhand: Money Money Money

Forget what you think you know about second-hand. It's so much more than the worn, outgrown, forgotten pieces you've passed on to your local thrift store. Shopping second-hand is not just about being frugal, it's about saving the environment, and creating a better world to live in!  The benefits of shopping second-hand for your pregnancy and breastfeeding needs are immeasurable!

This blog post is going to focus on money.

To learn more about the environmental and social benefits, hit the links below. We’ve decided to break this post up into multiple blog posts to keep things light and to give you as much information as possible.

  1. Money & Community

  2. Environment 

  3. Clear Conscience (Coming Soon)


You’re Not just Saving Money

When you shop second-hand, you’re paying a fraction of retail. Saving money on your maternity wardrobe gives you more buying power for other essentials. It just makes sense to save money on a wardrobe you’re going to wear for less than a year. Shop quality and keep your look by shopping maternity consignment. Shopping small means your hard earned dollars stay local and strengthen your community.


You’re Keeping Money in the Family

By choosing HEA consignments you’re creating a circular economy centered around parenthood. You’re saving money on your clothes, you’re getting paid for them when you’re done, then another expecting person saves money on their clothes.  And the cycle continues. Everyone benefits! Money and clothing gets exchanged domestically not globally. You’re buying decisions are having an impact on someone just like you, and benefiting you both.


And Building a Community

Consignments have created a community of parents that is quality and care driven. You are “renting” your clothes for a short time, then using a third party, like HEA Maternity, to continue the cycle of care driven value-based second-hand purchasing. HEA was founded by Nancy Skuce, at the time, a new mom who wanted to make clothing accessible and affordable. She later learned about the environmental benefits and realized that the impact of her small business was much larger than she’d ever imagined!  Some really impressive things do come from small packages! Shopping from and giving back to the second-hand cycle keeps the local community strong!


And Creating Big Impact with Small Money

Small money is local money. It can also be called slow money or domestic cash. There are no big CEO’s and wage disparity in small money. No negative side effect, no exploited labour. You can shop with a clear conscience.  When you choose second-hand, you’re breaking out of the consumerism cycle. You’re a change maker. You’re bettering the world.

You don’t have to give up your favourite brands when you shop second-hand. That’s the beauty of second-hand shopping! You aren’t compromising on anything, you’re simply saving money.


  1. Money & Community

  2. Environment (coming March 31 2021)

  3. Clear Conscience (Coming April 15th 2021)

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