How to Save The World During Your Pregnancy

Benefits of Buying Second-Hand Clothes For Your Pregnancy


Buying second-hand clothing and thrifting have become quite popular recently and for many good reasons. Buying used clothing has a bunch of benefits to not only you but the environment and your community as well.


As we know, maternity clothes can be quite expensive, and you’re only wearing that clothing for nine months. So buying second-hand clothes for maternity makes sense for a variety of reasons.


Here are some of the main benefits.


1) It Will Save You Money


Purchasing second-hand maternity clothes will go a long way for your wallet. Since retailers are likely to lose you as a customer after your pregnancy, the markup on maternity clothes is higher than on regular items.


Buying second-hand, you’ll never pay close to full price for an item, and there are plenty of high-quality pieces from great brands that are ready to be reused.


Take the time to seek out the best value for you. Some thrift stores may capitalize on the vintage shopping trend to price second-hand clothing higher than it should be. Explore the second-hand shops in your community to see who has the best deals for your budget.


2) It’s Good for the Environment


When you buy second-hand, you're doing the environment a big favor.


You are reducing the number of resources and consumption needed in order to produce more clothing. It also prevents used clothing from ending up in a landfill. This reduces your environmental impact and goes a long way toward promoting sustainable and ethical fashion.


Especially in maternity wear, you’ll find that second-hand pieces are not far off from buying a brand new item and still have a lot of wear in them. So when you go out to purchase your maternity clothes, know that by shopping second-hand, you’re helping the planet!


3) It Benefits Your Well-Being


Optimizing your physical and mental well-being during your pregnancy is a major priority.


Mentally, when you buy second-hand, you're reducing your impact on your budget and on the environment. This goes a long way towards promoting your peace of mind during your pregnancy.


Physically, buying second-hand clothing reduces the likelihood of interacting with chemicals and materials used in the production process of the clothing. This is why it’s always recommended you wash your new clothing right after you buy them. When you buy second-hand maternity clothes, you are buying an item that’s likely been washed several times and has been freed of any of these hazardous materials.


4) You Give Back to the Community

When you buy second-hand clothing, you are giving back to your local community.


Maternity pants and maternity jeans donated or sold to consignment shops benefit the employees working at these shops and the mothers selling the items. It promotes a system of repurposing and reusing, and you’ll come to love the items just as the previous owner did.


At Happily Ever After Maternity, we’re committed to giving back to the local maternity community and giving new purpose to second-hand clothing. You can sustainably shop all your favourite maternity brands in one place. When you’re done, we’ll resell your clothes and put money back in your pocket!





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