Shopping Secondhand Connects Us

Secondhand shopping creates communities. It connects us.

  a pregnant woman with an arrow to the store. an arrow from the store to a woman holding a baby,. An arrow from the woman holding a baby to the pregnant women

When you decide to buy secondhand during your pregnancy your choice makes an impact. Three of us benefit. H.E.A., the person I’m selling the clothes for, and you. You’ve created a circular economy whose benefits stay local.


There are two phases to the Circular Economy you just created


Phase one pregnancy/breastfeeding,


you’re saving money on your clothes when you’re shopping with us.


Phase two, when you’re done with your clothes,


you’re getting paid for them when another expecting mom enters our circle. And the cycle continues.

Everyone benefits and continues to benefit. And I  (through H.E.A.) get to keep doing what I love!


That sense of community. That feeling that I’m making a difference is why I love this little business I started back in 2015! Please tell your friends about us to ensure this circle keeps turning!

When you choose secondhand, you’re breaking out of the fast fashion consumerism cycle. If secondhand doesn't work for all your pregnancy needs, buying new, if done right, can also help the cycle.

Buying quality clothing that can be handed down is the best way to go. These pieces come with a higher price tag, but they’ll have the best resell value. And the most value to offer the next person in the cycle. Remember Slow fashion resells, fast fashion ends up as rags.


The Take Away

Secondhand shopping connects us.

It’s a personal connection to the cycle of motherhood.

It’s supportive,

And  it puts money back in our pocket

It also  helps reduce our reliance on cheaply made clothing.


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