Sustainability and your Maternity Wardrobe

What does sustainability mean when it comes to the clothing we wear?

The word 'Sustainability' in the fashion industry refers to the environmental impacts of making, wearing, and disposing of clothing. It's also starting to include social and economic factors.

The Truth for the Environment

There is no Planet B

The planet we're on is the one our children will inherit from us. 


By shopping at H.E.A., you're making a transition to sustainable shopping. And when you consign with us, you're increasing access to ethically sourced clothing. 


Your shopping decisions have so much power

The Truth for Your Well Being 

You don't want a child making your maternity clothing.



You aren't only helping the environment through your secondhand shopping. You're putting money back into another parents pocket, and helping my small business.

You also aren't contributing to the demand for modern day slavery and child labour.


Shopping secondhand is a step towards sustainability for more than environmental reasons.

The demand for cheap clothing means exploited workers

When you buy secondhand you don't contribute to the demand for cheap labour.


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