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Dress & Gown Rentals

Looking for a photoshoot dress or party dress?

Why buy it when you can rent it!

Look and feel gorgeous!

Save money!

You can shop all our Rental Gowns Here

Lace Gown in Vintage Rose

Rent This Gown

Mermaid Maternity Gown in Deep Blue

Rent This Gown

Long Sleeve Textured Gown in Wine red


Wine Lace Maternity Gown

Rent this Gown

Luxe Black Eyelash Lace & Silk Maternity Dress


White lace Maternity Gown


Maternity Gown in Royal Blue with Beaded belt

Rent this gown

Vintage Blue Lace Maternity Gown

rent this gown

Chiffon Maxi Dress in Mustard

Rent this gown

One Shoulder Maternity Gown in Cream

rent this gown

How do dress rentals work?

You pay the full listing price for the dress. Think of this as a security deposit. Shipping costs may apply.

When you return the dress to us in perfect condition, we refund you 60% of the dress cost (before taxes).

There's a $5 return shipping fee.

Your rental fee is 40% of the dress cost, plus taxes, and shipping (if applicable).

Want to keep the dress? No need to contact us, you've paid for it, it's yours!