Quality Descriptions

At HEA we sell a range of previously loved maternity clothing, not just carefully curated pieces. 

Here are our five quality descriptions explained. 


New items are purchased from Canadian or American wholesalers. These items are new, and we have them in multiple sizes. We occasionally purchase new clothing to fill in gaps in our inventory and to meet demand and customer requests. We price these items as low as we can to give you the best price possible everyday. Because of this, you won't see these pieces go on sale. 

New With Tags

New with tags are consignment pieces that were never worn by the person who purchased them from a retailer. 40% of the selling price goes to a consignee. 

Like New Condition

Like new condition pieces look like they've never been worn! These are higher priced consignments because they're in perfect condition. 40% of the selling price goes to a consignee. 

Gently Used

The term Gently used represents a sliding scale of quality. At the top end, the consignment pieces look great, but they've clearly been worn so they don't qualify as like new. At the bottom end, the pieces look used but they aren't quite broken in. For example, a shirt might have some pilling, and that would be described in the product description. 40% of the selling price goes to a consignee. 

Here at HEA we do our best to offer you the best. 

You deserve a great selection to meet all your needs!