Recovering After Child Birth: What You'll Need


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Taking home your newborn is definitely a milestone that can come with mixed emotions. Joy, uncertainty, relief, and fear may be overwhelming for any mother, even those who have had children previously. Every pregnancy, delivery and newborn brings a new experience, and you have to remember to be gentle with yourself each time. 

One way you can take extra care of yourself during this process is to have everything you need for postpartum care. Have your postpartum recovery kit ready before baby arrives. Why? Because after delivery you'll be awash with hormones, sore from delivery, and you'll be on a 24 hour clock with your newborn. That first month is hard. 

It’s easy to forget yourself during this stage, commonly referred to as the fourth trimester. You often become so consumed by the little one that you neglect yourself. However, having the right tools beforehand can help to keep you on track and make recovery and healing far easier. 

How long is postpartum recovery?

Every mom, baby and delivery are different, and hence every mother’s postpartum experience varies. Each postpartum journey will depend on whether you had a manageable or difficult labor, the size of your baby at birth, vaginal or c-section delivery, and even whether you delivered naturally or medically assisted

Most moms begin to feel like themselves again at around 6-8 weeks after delivery. However, it doesn't mean you will have postpartum symptoms lasting up to eight weeks. 

Postpartum bleeding usually subsides within a few weeks. During postpartum bleeding, (caused by your uterus shedding its lining)  you’ll need to ensure your personal care is frequent and consistent. We have great products to help you during your postpartum recovery period 

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What are the postpartum recovery essentials?


Delivery gown - Not enthusiastic about wearing the itchy delivery gowns in the hospital? You aren’t alone. Our delivery gowns are soft, stretchy and fit from XS to XL. They’re designed for ease of access for nursing, skin-to-skin contact, and full access at the back while still giving you coverage. 


Disposable underwear - While you’ll be wearing maxi pads for your heavier bleeds, you may also want to get underwear that you won’t have to worry about getting messed up. Disposable underwears are comfortable, breathable and secure. They help to really hold the pads in place. You can wear and wash them a couple of times before throwing them away. 

They are also available in brief and boy shorts styles for both c-section and normal deliveries, ensuring maximum comfort.


Ice Maxi Pads - You may have heard of the adult diapers filled with ice chips trick after birth. Well, Ice Maxi Pads are far neater, far more comfortable and way less bulky. This amazing two-in-one product is an absorbent maxi pad that also provides cold therapy for the pain while your vagina heals. 

An absolute must-have for every mom that delivers vaginally. 


Peri Bottles -If you haven't previously considered it, I'm sorry to break it to you, but everything won't be perfect after giving birth. Going to the restroom will be a particularly unpleasant experience. Your vagina (and probably your anus) will be painful, there may be rips and sutures, and urinating and pooping will require patience and sensitive care.

That said, you won’t be wiping for weeks, but during that time, you also want to ensure that you keep the area as clean as possible. This is where Peri Bottles come in. These squirt bottles help you to get clean with a gentle, steady stream of water. 


Reusable Breast Pads - Leaks are almost unavoidable, especially during the early days when your body is adjusting to milk production. Reusable breast pads are perfect for these times as they’re super absorbent and soft against your skin. Simply tuck them into your bra over the nipple area and wash and reuse. 

Postpartum is a part of the wonderful journey of pregnancy and motherhood. And while it may not all be pleasant, the right essentials can definitely make it more bearable. 

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