With every season comes new colour palates and combinations. Here's what's trending in the fashion world this fall!

7 Trending Color Hues for Fall 2020

Sultry Reds

From Chery to deep wine shades, these colours are bold, bright, and sure to make you stand out in a crowd!

Refreshing Blues

Cool shades of blue, but not just dark navy. Classic blues, green/blue aquamarines, and powder blues. 


50 shades and layered together! From light heathered grey to darker ash, this neutral tone can accompany any colour.

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Bright shades of yellow/green are crisp and fresh and a nice change for the fall.

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Almond Milk

Elegant and modern, this neutral colour can be as dark as caramel in the middles sandy tones, or at the lighter end as cream. Peachy sand stones and rose tan is also popular this season

Fresh Orange

Not just mustard this season, but bring fresh citrus! and amber glow!


From deep rich tones to lighter magenta, this colour can be worn on the top or the bottom.


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