Easy DIY Halloween Maternity Costumes!

Being pregnant for halloween doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun! We've put together a collection of costume ideas you can buy from us or DIY for the spookiest night of the year!

Winnie the Pooh

This is our second year offering a Winnie the Pooh costume. We've made it using two pieces. A short sleeve fitted Dres you can continue to wear after halloween, and a red crop top. You can buy it here




This is a fun costume you can put together at home. All you need is a pair of maternity overalls, a white basic long sleeve T-shirt, and you need to get creative and make a fun hat!

This costume has great potential as a family theme for halloween. Think Wizard of OZ!

Snow White

This gown is gorgeous and would also make a great piece for a photoshoot. You can buyout outright from us or rent it

Mommy the Mummy

It's cold up here in October, so this mummy costume would work great with white pants and basic T as a base layer. Use toilet paper, sheer fabric, or old bedsheets to complete this look. 



This pumpkin T-shirt dress pairs perfectly with leggings! One pice and you're ready for Halloween. You can buy it here


Angry Bird


A basic red T-shirt, with some felt from the craft store and here you have an angry bird! This costume can be turned into a family theme. 


Purrrfect Cat



Black leggings and T-shirt, add a pair of ears, and possibly a tail, and you an be a cat! Don't forget the draw the whiskers! 


X-Ray Mama

This cute t-shirt is a great way to announce your pregnancy at this time of year! It's also a fun way to show your halloween spirit! You can buy it here


 Gum Ball Machine

Red skirt or pants, and a white t-shirt. You can use pompoms or the foam sheets that already have adhesive. This is a fun and playful costume for the season!


 "Mom-Bod" Thor


This costume made me laugh. I've recently watched Thor Love & Thunder, so this costume is great because it's current, and smart. This costume can be made with clothing from around the house and a few props you can purchase from the store! So fun!



Little Mermaid - Ursula

The little mermaid has so many wonderful characters to choose from! You can make the Ursula look with a little black dress as well!



For the boardgames enthusiast! Make your bump the dice bubble!


Devilled Egg


This costume just needs a chicken stuffy to be complete (I love chickens LOL). A pair of comfy jeans, a basic T and some white bristle board and you're all set! Oh and don't forget the devil horns!


Magic 8-Ball

What are your predictions for the future? This costume is easy to recreate. Wear black and make the 8 for your belly. Optional are the triangles that reveal the answers. In this picture, she's wearing layers and revealing the answers by lifting her top. 



Black T-shirt dress and a bit of crafting and you too can have your own belly aquarium!




This is a fun couples costume idea. Wear a comfy black sports bra with a pair of leggings. Thrift for a straw hat you can destroy and voi-la! 

 I hope these pictures inspire you to dress up this halloween. It's one night of the year, it should be fun and it shouldn't be expensive!


Best Wishes


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