Fall Feels Like A New Beginning


The nights are starting to cool down here in eastern Ontario. Fall is my favourite season, and this year that's no exception.

Working on uploading new clothing, and having "tea" with my daughter. Multi-tasking like a mother! 


Fall this year feels like it's full of promise!

  •  Next month my two LO's are going to be physically attending school again. Working from home has its many challenges, add COVID to the mix with its numerous lockdowns and it was a whirlwind of mixed emotions, noise, and chaotic times. My house can't stay cleaned, my fridge can't stay full, and laundry...I don't even want to go there. How do PJ days lead to so much dirty clothes!?
  • Our retail space is moving out of my home. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again! HEA (Happily Ever After) is finally going to have a dedicated retail space! I'll be able to offer drop in days, not just appointments. Since COVID forced me to cancel in home fittings, all our gorgeous clothing has been organized and safely stored in bins. I can't wait to get all this clothes back on hangers and on display.
  • I've hired Amanda Talker media to run HEA's social media. Do I ever feel like I'm in good hands! I'm so grateful I found her! I'm looking forward to placing my creative energy in others parts of the business and watching HEA grow again! I feel like these COVID days had us existing, not living. I had to protect my energy and balance it for my self care, family, and business. So Autopilot was the safest thing to keep HEA going and protect myself from burnout. 
  • With my children back in school, my husband back in the office instead of at home, and the soon to be availability of our new retail location, I feel like life, my home, my business is going to start to return to preCOVID normal.
  • I feel like I've created the foundation to start thriving again this fall, to continue to live in gratitude, and to come out of this COVID cave I've been living in. 


Pre-COVID normal


For me, going back or moving back towards pre-covid normal means getting some space. I've had zero space since February 2020. I'm The mom, The wife. I'm the thinker, the problem solver, the doer. I'm exhausted and starting to feel claustrophobia in my own home, and my life! I'm needed.  But I have my needs too!


COVID Protocols

We continue to hold onto new arrivals for two weeks before we make them available for sale. This quarantine period is to protect us all. 

Once we open our retail location we will be working closely with our local health unit to ensure we have the best policies and procedures in place to keep us all safe.

I'm fully vaccinated and continue to be the only person that handles the clothing.

Any returns received are also quarantined for 2 weeks. 

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