Four Ways to Wear Belly Bands!

The Belly Band, before you got pregnant you probably didn't realize this maternity accessory even existed.

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The first thing a sales associate will tell you about the belly band is that It's a pregnancy hack meant to buy you time and keep you in your regular pants. But that's all they'll tell you about the band. So if your pregnant for the first time, this seems like a great deal, $20 or so and you get to keep wearing your own pants. Yay, Win Win! 

But the belly band can do more than that, it really is a great piece of clothing to have.

A Belly Band is usually made up of a nylon spandex blend. It's seamless and stretchy and comes in a variety of colours and sizes. 


How To Wear A Belly Band

Use #1 Early Pregnancy:

Wear early in Pregnancy with your pants to keep them up when you can no longer button them up. We've covered that!

Use #2 With Maternity Pants:

Continue to wear the belly band when you transition into your maternity pants. Why? The belly band will stop the band on your pants from rolling down. It can even help prevent the band on your pants from sliding down. Genius.

Use #3 Post Pregnancy:

The band will help you get back into your pre-pregnancy pants faster. Just like before, the band will help keep your pants up when you can't do them up! Once your baby is out, your abdomen will approximately be the size you were at at 25 weeks. This means your maternity pants are now likely too roomy in the waist, wear your belly band again to help keep them up!

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Use #4 Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding. Yup, you read that right. Wear the belly band over your midsection for full coverage breastfeeding. Step One, put on your nursing bra. Step two, put on your belly band and tuck it into the bottom of your bra. Step three, put on any shirt you love! Step 4, lift your shirt up and breastfeed your baby. Voila, your midsection is covered and you didn't have to spend money on a breastfeeding top!


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While it may seem like a pretty insignificant piece of fabric, I thought so anyway during my first pregnancy, the Belly Band will pay for itself and then some! It's worth a try, and if it doesn't work out for you, it will have great resale value!



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