Get to Know Momzelle: The Rachel

The Rachel is a maternity and nursing top, made by Momzelle, designed to flatter your body as your baby bump grows, and to continue to be flattering in the fourth trimester after your baby is born.

All the following photographs are taken of the Rachel Maternity/Nursing top in Steel Blue size XS. 

Momzelle's Attention to Detail!

1) The bottom hem front and back is curved, not straight. 

The most common reason women go up a size in maternity tops during their pregnancy is because the tops become too short and women feel like they are "hanging out" of their shirts.

The curved bottom is a small detail, but it adds to the flattering look of the Rachel , and gives that little bit of extra length to cover the pregnant belly and conceal the panel on your pants or skirt. It also makes it easier to access hip pockets. 

2) The cross over front chest style. 

The second most common reason women go up a size in maternity tops is an increase in breast size. While some women do not experience any  changes to their breasts during their pregnancy, other women experience a growth in bra size during every trimester!

The cross over front chest on the Rachel is a great feature as it is very accommodating to a growing chest, without creating a very deep plunging neckline that some woman may find uncomfortable.

3) The Side Ruching

The side ruching will expand the Rachel's useful life. The side ruching allows the Rachel to expand to accommodate a belly and to shrink back down to create a flat front. The side ruching helps the shirt retain it's "on-the-hanger" shape.

Think about pregnancy brain. This shirt has pregnancy brain. What I mean by this, is that your belly won't be imprinted-in (remembered-by) the fabric. There might be some minor stretching, but the side ruching is designed to take the stretch impact not the front of the fabric. This is important  if you plan on wearing this top while pregnant then later as a nursing top. The Rachel won't look sloppy in the belly area and will create a slimming silhouette. This is also important to keep in mind if you are wearing this top after baby is born. Most woman's belly's shrink over time, so you don't have to worry about your fourth trimester body ruining the look of a shirt you are planing to wear three months from now. 


Sizing and Fabric Information 

This is not a thin flimsy fabric that will show the colour of your belly panel! The top is made of a soft 95% cotton modal, 5% spandex.

The Rachel is currently available in 5 colours, Happily Ever After Maternity has three of these colours in stock: Dark Heather Grey, Steel Blue, and black. 

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Choose your size based on your pre-pregnancy size.

 This shirt is worthy of your maternity and nursing wardrobe! It will withstand the transformations of your body and multiple washes. It's a good investment, and if well cared for, will have good resale value when you are finished making and feeding your babies! 


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