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How to Keep Your Tucking Style Pregnant

When you’re pregnant and you’re trying to recreate the look you had before you were pregnant, it’s kind of hard to tuck when you have maternity panels designed to cover your bump. But it’s not impossible!

Here’s our guide on the panel styles you need to keep your tucking style.


The belly panel styles you want to avoid

Full nylon panels, these can be called smooth fit or secret fit, or full panel. This style of panel does not work for tucking.



  1. The fabric is too stretchy
  2. The panel is a different colour than the fabric of the bottoms you’re wearing.

Here’s what  it would look like if you tried to tuck with a full nylon panel.

Not very put together eh?

Full cotton panel

This panel style is a full panel, made of a cotton spandex blend. It’s called a 3-in-1 (started by Thyme maternity because you can wear the panel full, fold it in half and wear it part way up your bump, or fold it in three and make it a low rise panel. The full 3-in-1 panel is not the best for tucking.  



  1. Because you’ll need to fold it to make it work and it will add bulk where you don’t want it.
  2. These panels are often a dark navy colour and this won’t work with all colours and fabrics
  3. the folded fabric makes for a messy tuck that won't hold when you move.


Low-Rise Panel

Yes you can tuck with a low rise panel maternity bottom!

These belly panels were designed to be low rise and to rest below your belly.

This will allow you to tuck your tops in below your bump.

With this panel style you’ll be showing a lot of bump.

Pocket Panel, hip panel, inset panel

Yes, you can tuck with pocket panels. So pocket panels are elastic wedges, placed where front pockets would be in a traditional pant. These elastic triangles are the same tone as the fabric of your bottoms.

Like the low-rise panel, the pocket panel is a low-rise style designed to sit below your bump. This style is great for ticking, no one will notice the difference in the front (elastic where pockets would be)

You want to make sure your pocket panel is the same colour as the fabric of your pant (or short). Otherwise the panel will stand out and break the illusion you're trying to create.

Panels with the same fabric as the bottom (common in skirts)

Some pieces have panels that are made with the same fabric as the rest of the pant or skirt (or shorts, you get the idea). These can be low-rise or high-rise. So you can tuck and if it’s low-rise, the bottom will be sitting below the bump, and showing off your bump. If it’s high-rise, the rise will end on your belly and you’ll be showing less bump.

Above the bump

Some skirts and casual pants are now made with tucking in mind. These styles don’t actually have a panel to hold the bottoms up. They are a fitted high-rise style that gives you a smooth line and look from seat to waist.

This style will give you a longer bottom line and a shorter top line. Your bump will blend in with the bottoms and you won’t look as pregnant in the front as you do from the side.

Here’s what it looks like with a skirt.  

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