How to Shop Guilt Free During Your Pregnancy

“Shopping secondhand isn’t a sacrifice. It’s your ticket to the good life.” -Nicole Lapin


This emails going to be a bit different then the others. Because the benefit of secondhand can be as simple as a clean consciousness and guilt free shopping.

I started Happily Ever After because I wanted to provide access to affordable maternity clothing. I really struggled dressing myself during my first pregnancy because I was one of those women who went up a size in every trimester. I was pregnant EVERYWHERE!

Since 2015 I've discovered that my decision to start this business has had an amazing ripple effect. I had no idea how environmentally friendly and socially conscious it was to buy secondhand. I did it to find pieces that were me, and to save money. 


I LOVE Clothes! And I Know You Do Too! And The dark side of the fashion industry shouldn’t ruin that for you.

I have my work clothes (my dressy clothes), my hoodies and jeans, my workout pieces for running, and different pieces for yoga. I've got my lounging around the house comfy pants that are a step up from pj pants, I've got jackets for work and play and dress up, and I have my growing hoodie and denim collection.


I dress for the occasion and my mood. I like having choices!

I wasn't going to go without for 9 months just because I was pregnant. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

Did you know the average piece of clothing is only worn 7 times before it's disposed of? By shopping secondhand you create demand for these pieces and you keep them out of the landfill, and out of third world countries that don’t want our excessive hand-me-downs.

Secondhand maternity clothes was a no brainer for me because the pieces look and feel practically brand new! I was able to experiment with my style and have all the pieces I needed so that I wasn’t repeating the same outfits every week!


It’s not bad to love clothes, but it’s important to know what our clothing is costing other people. Secondhand is a great guilt free way to build a versatile wardrobe that suits you and doesn’t harm anyone else.

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