How to Wear Mustard

You've seen it, you love the look, or maybe you're just curious. You've decided to add a little mustard to your maternity wardrobe, but what do you have that will compliment the colour?

According to Styleoholic, Mustard is a timeless fall color, which is always on top during the fall, it never goes out of style. Hatista admits, Yellow isn’t a colour that you typically see everyone wearing. People see it as bright, loud, and in-your-face. It’s a bold colour, and most consider it something you wouldn’t wear if trying to play it safe. In this blog post, we've pooled together some style inspiration from all over the internet to help you add a little sunshine to your maternity closet! 

Image from Nifty On Buzzfeed


What Colours work best with mustard? Below you'll find a compilation of colour complementing outfits. 



Denim and navy are a great complement colour to mustard yellow. 


image from South to City                                         Image From Petite Style Script

Image From Pinterest                                                                Image from Pinterest


 If you're layering navy with mustard, white, grey or tan are great neurtal options for tops or pants.

We have some great pieces in stock to recreate some of these looks!

Denim Skirts




Deep purple tones are complementary to mustard. Read more about this combination here.

Image From Chictopia                                       Image from Blank White Frames

image from Pinterest                              Image from Go Chic or go Home

Search purple on our site to find tops  & bottoms to pair with your mustard cardigan! 


Our only word of caution here, be careful how you pair these colours together, you don't want to end up looking like a beloved children's cartoon! On second thought!!! What a great Halloween costume idea! love

Image From Spoiled Mama


Image from Fashionsy.                                    Image from Petite Style Script

Image from Two Little Bells

Skirt, in jewel tones size L Thyme Maternity!



Mustard and brown make a wonderful color combination for fall, especially if you’re looking for something neutral.

Image from Glam Radar.                                                                     Image from F Mag


According to The Style Contour, White, unlike black, really allows for rich jewel tones and fall hues to POP.


image from Styloholic                                                              Image From The Style Contour

Image From 40+ Style


Floral prints look great with mustard as an accent colour!

image from F mag                                                      Image from Look Book


Here are some great mustard and floral pieces you can mix if you're breastfeeding!

 Layer this mustard Cardigan

with a Momzelle Nursing Tank or short sleeve top!

Cardigans make great nursing covers!


Floral nursing Tank

Foral nursing T


Black pairs well with almost any colour. If your mustard tone is on the lighter side, it will not coordinate well.


Image From Styleoholic                                      Image from Fashionsy

Image from Penny pincher fashion



According to Glam Radarthere’s something about wearing mustard and stripes together that gives off a very chic and stylish look and feel to any outfit.

Image from Frumpy Fighters                                             Image from Glam Radar



Image from Indulgy


Here's a great stripe nursing tank you can pair with a mustard cardigan if you're breastfeeding.



Cardigans make great nursing covers!


Some mustard Maternity Style. All the pieces in this look are new! We also have some great consignment pieces that can recreate this look!

Maternity Leggings

Maternity stripe T





Still not convinced?

Is it because you don't think mustard will work with your skin tone? Wardrobe Oxygene has some tips to get you into this season's hottest colour! 

Want to learn more about matching colours? has a brief article that shows you five different colours that'll compliment mustard! You can see some of these colours in practice in this FMag article that styles 15 different mustard dresses, you can see the pop of colour in the shoes and accessories.

Image from  Styleoholic

Here's a great Wiki How article that gives you a refresher on colour basics can help you coordinate the colours in your closet.

Your maternity wardrobe can be just as fabulous as your pre-pregnancy wardrobe!

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