I wish you joy, health and happiness in 2022

It's that time of year again! I'm exhausted from the holiday season. And from trying to keep my two young children unplugged - you don’t make memories with a screen in your face. I've been indulging in good food (a.k.a. junk food that's so bad for me), and enjoying cuddles, warm blankets, and reading. And chickens. I've been outside spoiling my girls LOL.


I've also been working hard to get Happily Ever After's (H.E.A.) retail space ready for the New Year. My plan was to have the shop up and running by October, but COVID doesn't let anything go as planned. So it's December 31st and I'm still waiting for crucial pieces to set up the 1500+ pieces of clothing I have in bins.


2021 has taught me patience, I'm a taurus and a doer, so having to wait is really hard for me. Patience is hard. Faith in what I'm doing, and in myself, and my plan for your maternity store has been so important! 2021 has tested me, pushed me, and put the right people in my path to help my small business grow and soar!

When I look back to the last two years I'm incredibly grateful for all your support and friend referrals. Heck, when I look all the way back to 2015 I'm incredible humbled at how well received HEA has been. It's been such an incredible experience! I've learned so much, and used your feedback to make HEA grow to better serve you.


I've seen so many small businesses close during COVID, and I'm so fortunate that HEA wasn't one of them. And I have you to thank for that. A heartfelt thankyou, merci, gracias, Danke schön, namascarm for that.


I wish you joy, health and happiness in 2022. Prosperity and the fulfilment of your dreams. May the New Year bring you or sustain your Happily Ever After. 

In my personal life, my biggest three milestones this year, the things I’m taking with me into 2022 are


  1. I got chickens and discovered a love I never knew existed. They are very therapeutic animals. I highly recommend them. And they poop eggs!
  2. I finally got out for a solo backcountry trip. I’d wanted to do it for years, and this year I did it. I went to my favourite river, Barron, and spent two nights by myself. I loved the quiet. The idea of being our there at night, alone, sacred me. But It was fine. The portage was the worst part and it’s the part I wasn’t even worried about! Thinking about things is worse than doing them.
  3. This one is on a family level. In November my son celebrated two years seizure free! It’s been incredible to watch him grow and start catching up to his peers since he’s been on meds for epilepsy. I’ll have more on this in the new year. It’s a journey I want to share, and it’s an emotional one for me. My baby boy can talk now and he’s happy. And it looks like he might be able to navigate the “neuro typical” world on his own someday. This too shall pass. Sometimes we can’t see ahead out of the mess we’re in. But I promise, it won’t always be like this.


See you next year!

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