Lace Nursing Bra...LOVE

NOTE: if you plan to breastfeed, you should be buying nursing bras throughout your pregnancy. You can wear this bra pregnant.

If you’re planning on breastfeeding we recommend buying nursing bras throughout your pregnancy as your breasts grow.

The bras you buy early in your pregnancy may not fit you when you first start breastfeeding,

but remember,

what goes up must go down!

Your breasts will shrink slowly over time as you lose weight and as baby stats on solids and you’re not as in demand.


I was in need of a bra recently, so I decided to shop HEA's inventory! I haven't breastfed in over two years, at 11 months my daughter turned away from the breast and never latched again. So I didn't buy this bra for the nursing function, I picked the Momzelle lace bra because it was Sexy! 


                               It fit like I was

                              born wearing it!


I sized myself, and according to Momzelle's size guide, I'm a 36C. I was surprised my little acorns measured so bountifully! An interesting side note, the Lace bra fit like I was born wearing it but the classic bra was too big in the cup, it dug into my armpits, so there is a difference in the fit between the two bras. I tried a smaller size in the classic, 36B, but the band was too short. If the Classic came in a 38B, I'd be all set! 


                             You will wash your

                             breastfeeding bras

                             more than any other

                             bra you have ever owned. 


The lace bra was instantly comfortable! All six Comfort points were met by this bra!

1) No underwire! There is a channel for shape and support but no underwire. My breasts don't protrude far, but they are wide, so often the underwire jabs into me. The lace bra is structured but no underwire. If you're breastfeeding, the last thing you want is an underwire digging into your skin. You will wash your breastfeeding bras more than any other bra you have ever owned. Why? spit up, sweat, vomit, leaks, and personal preference.

2) A wideband! This helps to add extra support and it helps reduce back pain and spillage of back fat over the bra. If you're breastfeeding, a wideband is part of the support system of the bra, the band plays an integral role when it comes to keeping your bra in place and your breasts supportive. 

3) The cups sit flat! This was a huge bonus for me, bras always gap at the top of the cup leaving a strange deformed silhouette through my shirts. If you're breastfeeding your breasts generally retain their shape until you are engorged, then they are massive hard balls of milk that have sprung a slow leak!

4) Wide shoulder straps! Supportive, no digging into the shoulders and the straps never slipped off my shoulders onto my arms. This is an important feature if you're breastfeeding, milk-filled boobs are heavy boobs! A thin shoulder strap is going to dig into your skin as the day progresses and become uncomfortable.

5) Fabric. I thought the lace would get itchy over time, but it never did. The back strap has a mesh liner, but the way the bra is stitched, the elastic on the top and bottom of the band makes contact with your skin first. There is also vertical boning in the bra along the band, I never felt this when I was wearing it but noticed it when I was examining the bra to photograph it. As a result, the mesh-lined lace kind of hovers over your skin. 

6) Inside the Cup. The lining inside the cups is soft and pleasing on the skin and nipples, almost distractingly so LOL. I wore this bra for over a week before washing it and the softness was the same every day. It's in the wash as I write this and I wish I had another bra in my size in stock, I'll be placing another order soon!

7) Hook Positions. There are 6 rows spanning 2.5", that's a lot of adjustment room! I love how many hook positions there are in the back, for me this is awesome because by the end of the day I always feel like I need more space then I did when I first got dressed in the morning. It's nice to be able to loosen the bra. If you're breastfeeding this is good news for multiple reasons: this bra will fit you on days when you're engorged and on days when you're breast size holds steady. It should also fit you over time as you lose weight or your breasts start to reduce in size.


                          Sometimes it's nice to be

                          out in no-effort-casual-clothes

                         with a little sexy on underneath.


Lace, is that really for everyday wear?

YES! Yes, it is. Sometimes it's nice being out and about in no-effort-casual clothes with a little sexy on underneath. It's your secret from the world! The lace is also flat and smooth and wasn't visible through the T's, blouses & sweaters I wore through the week. I do wear my blouses with a cami, and the lace was visible through the cami but not the blouse. The colours of this bra, black & wine, will be visible through white bouses and tops if they are made of lightweight fabric or designed to be worn with a cami.


Pros and Cons


  • I wish the shoulder straps could be adjusted a bit more, another 0.5-1" in length would be perfect, but at the longest setting, it currently fits really well. 
  • I wish it came in a neutral colour so I had a bra to wear with everything.



  • The bra is sexy because of the lace, but it also has a nice line from the apex to the centre gore, the silhouette of the cup on your breasts.
  • The comfortable supports, wideband, lots of hook positions, wide shoulder straps, and no underwire.
  • The soft fabric against the skin.
  • The cups sit flat.
  • The breastfeeding clips don't get in the way, so you can keep wearing this bra even when you're done breastfeeding

I love this bra! And I would recommend it to anyone, even if you aren't breastfeeding!

 Treat yourself to some lace!


This bra has also been an #heamama favourite! There are only 11 left in stock!  We will be restocking in early April 2019. If we don't have your size in stock, you can preorder it now.

Any back ordered Momzelle products usually ship within 2 weeks of your order date!

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