Maternity Minute: How to Wear Breast Pads!



I get asked these two questions quite often from first-time Moms.

Where do breast pads go?

and How do these work?


We sell reusable breast pads that are locally made. They have a cotton flannel side that sits against your skin, there's a terrycloth absorbent middle layer, and a PUL waterproof layer that goes against your bra.

You place the breast pad between you and the bra. The whole point of a breast pad is to keep your bra dry and to save you from washing it multiple times a day!

Your breast pads DO NOT go inside the slot for the removable cutlets in your bra. THEY DO NOT GO INSIDE YOUR BRA. They go between your nipple and the bra!

Here is the link for the cute breast pads in this video


Here is the link for the Black lace nursing bra that you can wear pregnant. This bra is also available in burgundy. I love this bra it's super sexy and has no underwire so it won't stab the outside of your breasts as they get bigger!

Here is the link for the polka-dot bra in this video. We also have this bra in Ivory Cream. This bra is a classic and also does not have any underwire.

Here is the link for the soft and comfortable maternity floral hoodie I'm wearing. It can also be worn after your pregnancy!







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