Maternity Mystery Bundles!

Correction on price, they are $37 So

What's in the Maternity mystery bundles?

The Maternity Mystery bundles are maternity consignments that have reached the end of their term. You get 4 pieces of clothing. When you pick your mystery bundles you pick your top size and your bottom size so I can fit you as closely as possible.

These bundles are made up of pieces that can be worn for spring and summer. I want to make sure you get the most out of your clothing!

These bundles are great!

💕You get four prices of clothing for under $40!

💕The mom's whose clothing this is gets paid out for their consignments!

💕I have ton of fun putting them together!

Here is the link for the Maternity Mystery bundles!

We also have Breastfeeding Mystery Bundles

They are made up of new breastfeeding clothes as well as consignment pieces which is why they are more expensive.

Clothing in this video is all size small

Linen pants

Denim Capris 



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