More about One of our Brands: Momzelle

Momzelle is a small family run business in Montreal Quebec Canada.

They design their own clothes and have since the company was created back in 2007. Christine, the founder of Momzelle, wanted better. She felt there must be a better way than exposing her belly to breastfeed. She designed her own nursing top and was overwhelmed by the response of her midwife and mom friends! They all wanted one too. And that's how Momzelle started.

The nursing T-shirt Christine. The lift access that started it all! This style nursing top was not available in 2007


Shopping now, you have so many options for your breastfeeding needs. But that's thanks to pioneers like Christine. She started Momzelle to offer something that didn't exist yet. She wanted to make the breastfeeding experience easier and more fashionable.


The nursing tank Mia, Same easy lift access as the Christine T-Shirt. And same thick quality fabric


Christine recruited her entrepreneurial-spirited brother, Vincent. Together they started Momzelle with one mission in mind: to help other women feel comfortable and confident breastfeeding in public.

The Gaby nursing hoodie designed for easy one handed access. And this is not a thick fleecy hoodie, because breastfeeding a baby is hot business! You don't need the fleece! 


Breastfeeding took on an even bigger role in Vincent's life when he married wife Sar, and started a family. Vincent and Sara now run Momzelle together. Their mission remains the same: to help other women feel comfortable and confident breastfeeding in public.


Cowl neck sweaters, the Organic cotton Sophie and the Turtleneck with no pocket. 


Momzelle makes quality clothing which is why H.E.A. carries their brand. It’s functional, comfortable, and easy to breastfeed in. Their clothing washes well, and it's designed to be flattering to different silhouettes.


The three bra designs, Lace (Also comes in black), Classic, and Seamless (comes un many colours and patterns) These three designs can take you through your entire pregnancy!


The best part about quality pieces like these, is they have resale value. You can think of these clothes as rentals. The tops and dresses will have enough life left in them to be resold when you're done with them. You can learn more about our consignments here.


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