Naked Nursing Tanks, All Sales Final

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We received a lot of requests for Naked Nursing Tanks in 2018, so we contacted the brand and started to sell Naked Nursing to meet your needs.

Naked Nursing requires a minimum order quantity (MOQ) with every order which is a risky commitment for a small business.  This is why we always offered a presale discount before we place an order with the brand. Presales helped us meet the MOQ with less risk. Buying inventory that sits around unsold is expensive and stressful for a small business!   

Unfortunately, as a result of low sales, we will not be placing any future orders with Naked Nursing Tanks. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause some of you, but this product has not been popular enough to justify continuing our relationship with this brand.


Remaining Inventory


Bamboo In Black

Plus Sized Bamboo Nursing Tanks

Infinity Scarves


A few customers have suggested that price was the issue. Some information about brand pricing.  Brands dictate what we can charge for their brand. A brands price is part of its identity and perceived value. We at HEA do not set the price, the brand does.

The cost of Naked Nursing didn't allow us to offer these tanks for the same price as Amazon. We charged what we were told by the brand to charge for these products. Please remember that we are a small business and we don't have the buying power to compete with Giant corporations. 



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