Plus Size Nursing Tops Research and what I learned will Shock You!

I’m in the process of researching women's plus sizes for the plus size nursing t-shirt I am designing, and My Head Is Spinning!!






It’s not just the sizes that vary from brand to brand, but what these sizes are called. The variations are staggering and really confusing. 


BUT I’ve made an interesting discovery about Momzelle’s size XXL(XLL)!


If you wear size 1X & 2X from Additionelle or Pennington’s, GIVE MOMZELLE XXL  A TRY!!



A graph I made to compare the three brands.

Numbers are in inches. 


As you can see from the numbers, Momzelle’s XXL tops fit a chest  measurement of 47-49”, this measurement falls within Pennington's 1X tops and Additonelle’s 1X & 2X tops.


Momzelle’s waist measurement of 42-44” spans both pennington’s  and Additionellle’s 1X & 2X tops. 


Momzelle is also more generous in the hip. 


Momzelle only has the one size chart for tops

because they have standardized their sizes. That being said, the Florence will be more generous than the Christine when it comes to size because the former was designed to be worn during pregnancy and nursing, while the Christine

was designed for nursing and to be form fitting. 


I hope you decide to try the Momzelle tops HEA keeps in stock in size  XXL. 


No risk with free returns!


Happy Shopping Ladies







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