Rent your Maternity Clothes


When you shop with us, your maternity wardrobe is a rental wardrobe. Why? Because you can consign it after you’re done with it baby!!! It can refill your wallet instead of your closet.

Vintage, Sport, Chic? Keep your Look and try new ones for the next 9 months guilt free


Buying secondhand and planning to consign your maternity wardrobe is freeing.  Shopping secondhand is a great way to diversify your wardrobe, save the environment, gain more closet space, be perfectly dressed for any occasion, and wear expensive items without breaking the bank!


H.E.A. gives you the benefit of sharing and getting paid for it.


Secondhand allows you to keep your style, try new looks for less, and have a happy versatile wardrobe you can enjoy. You don't need to limit yourself. 

A HUGE bonus, when you're done with your clothing, you know you can put money back into your pocket by consigning it with us! Isn't that amazing!!! 

So don't hold back! Buy the pieces you love, because you're consigning after, your basically "renting" your clothes for a short time! 




If you’re shopping quality new clothes or secondhand, think of your wardrobe as a rental! You’ll make money off your clothes when you’re done with them! Only secondhand can give you that opportunity. Without H.E.A., your options for your maternity clothes would be extremely limited.

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