Shipping During COVID-19


Hi there it's Nancy

I wanted to shoot this quick video to show you the changes I'm making to the packaging.

 Social distancing, I'm only mailing and delivering orders on Mondays and Thursdays.

There is some conflicting information about COVID-19 and how long it lasts on surfaces. That is the reason I have made the change to a non-porous material that is easy for you to wipe down. 


I 'm going to ship your orders in a tear-proof, waterproof poly bag. It is easy to wipe down and non-porous. 

Your clothing will be in reusable ziplock bags.

I'm the only person who touches the zip lock bags, and I am the only person who touches your clothing.

I am still using cards and including a little surprise for you! But I am no longer using envelopes because my envelopes came from our local stationery store and were open stock. 

The shirt I am wearing in this video is a size Small and can be found here:


The dress on the mannequin next to me is a gorgeous maxi dress with pockets. You can wear it pregnant and you can wear it to breastfeed! You can find it here. At the time I was shooting this video, we only have size M, L, XL left in stock.

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