The Best Breastfeeding Hoodie - and we have it just for you!

One year is too long to go without a hoodie! I'm a hoodie and jeans girl so I know I'd be lost without my wardrobe staple!

The good news! You don't need to go without! We have two styles of hoodies by two of our favourite small maternity brands. In this blog post you'll learn more about these hoodies and how to use them as part of your breastfeeding toolkit. 

A hoodie you can wear pregnant and wear to breastfeed

This casual hoodie has discreet zippers tucked under the armpits. These zippers give you quick access to your bra. 

What our moms love about it

  • it doesn't look like maternity clothes
  • it's soft on the inside
  • The fabric is not too heavy so you don't overheat when breastfeeding
  • The trendy colours


Made of a stretchy 95% cotton/5% spandex, this hoodie has all the features you're used to, the kangaroo pocket, the drawstring hood, and the longer sleeves. 

This top has quickly become a best seller. This quality piece is not fast fashion. And it's priced as such.  It's well made with quality fabric and will last your entire breastfeeding journey, be it one pregnancy or more. 

The Casual Hoodie you can Wear Year Round 

This casual hoodie has a flap that provides breastfeeding access. With one hand you can lift the fabric and unclip your bra. It's quick and easy! 

What our moms love about it

  • It's so easy to use
  • the rich colours wash well
  • it's the perfect weight to wear year round, like a heavy t-shirt
  • This sweater is AMAZING for discretely nursing in public (or when the father-in-law is over)

Made from a quality 94% cotton 6% spandex. There is no need to tuck fabric away once you've lifted the flap. This hoodie is made with generous breast openings. All you do is litt your top, unlit your bra and put baby on the breast. It doesn't get easier than this!

This top has been a favourite for years! and comes in multiple colours.

I Hope you've enjoyed a look at two of our most popular hoodies! Click on any of the images to shop. Here's the shopping link where you can shop all our hoodies in one place!




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