The Maternity Minute: What to Wear in Your Fourth Trimester

Hey, it's Nancy

I wanted to show you that maternity clothing can work during your postpartum period. Most of us go through that awkward stage where our pregnancy clothing is too big and our pre-pregnancy clothing is still too tight. So why not go down a size in maternity clothing?

Buying consignment you will only pay a fraction of retail! We can help you save money, be comfortable, look your best all while supporting other moms! 40% of the sale price goes to a Mama who is consigning her clothing with us!


Here is the link for the seamless bras in stock. All our bras are new. 


Here's the link for consignment maternity leggings


Here is the link for our maternity dresses:


 HEA Maternity ships anywhere in Canada, US, Mexico, 7 Europe.


Our clothing is safe. Because HEA is a small home-based business, our clothing has never been exposed to large crowds, all our clothing was manufactured prior to September 2019, and we've closed consignments. You can read more about where our clothing has come from since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak on our bog. 

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