The Momzelle Gaby Nursing Hoodie Vs the Sophie Nursing Hoodie

Momzelle Gaby in Navy has arrived!

Here is a side by side comparison of the Sophie in Deep Blue Sea and the Gaby in Navy. I used xs for the pictures.

The Gaby has a sportier feel to it than the Sophie. The bottom hem and cuffs are a different colour and ribbed. The stitching detail on the Gaby is what you would expect of a traditional hoodie. The grommets for the drawstring are also unique to the Gaby. The trim, stitching and drawstring all add to the sportier feel.

The Gaby has a straighter silhouette than the Sophie. The Sophie has a more curvy feminine shape to it. The silhouette of the Sophie displays better on a hanger.

Both tops have two pocket openings which lead to one pocket. Unlike traditional hoodies, the pouch pocket on the front is underneath instead of on top. I think this creates a more flattering and sliming profile. And a great place to put your breast pad when you feed.

At first glance and feel they both are a light weight top, but the Gaby does have a bit more bulk than the Sophie. The xs Sophie weighs 292grams and the xs Gaby 315grams.

The Gaby has a full hood, the Sophie has a cowl neck with drawstring.

There is a slight difference to the fit of the Sophie vs the Gaby. I lined the tops up by the armpit (there is probably a better term for this but it escapes me at the moment), and the Sophie is longer in the arms than the Gaby and slightly longer in the body. Meanwhile the Gaby has more room in the shoulder and the sleeves. Both are the same width.

Which style do you ladies prefer, the Gaby or the Sophie?

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