What Is A Coat Extender?

One Extender, TWO FUNCTIONS Babywearing & Pregnancy


A coat extender is a triangle-shaped piece of fabric that zips into your existing coat to make room for your growing belly and an infant or toddler in the front carry position. 

The Canadian made coat extenders we carry are made of three different fabrics.

  1. Durable nylon softshell that is waterproof
  2. Polar fleece
  3. Velcro Band (mini extender)

There are three weights of extenders available and two lengths. 

  1. The nylon shell is available on its own for spring & fall (Light extender) and is available with a polar fleece lining for winter (Original & Original Long).
  2. We also have a polar fleece extender that can be worn on its own, zipped into a jacket or sweater, or can be added to the nylon extender (light or original) for extra warmth.
  3. We have a mini extender for pregnancy or postpartum. It's a velcro band that can add an extra 1.5-2.5 inches to your existing jacket. 
The Mini, designed to give you an extra 1.5-2.5" of space
Pregnancy or postpartum

    Benefits of Coat Extenders

    • You use your own coat, this reduces your maternity wardrobe expenses & saves closet space!
    • You buy one extender and you can wear it for your pregnancy and babywearing needs.
    • The extenders are unisex. You buy one extender, and it fits on every zip-up coat/jacket/sweater you and your partner own. The extender comes with one zipper, all you need to do is match your coat to the right zipper. Additional zippers are less than $30.

    The zippers have velcro on both sides.
    If adding the polar fleece for extra warmth,
    the fleece attaches on the inside of the zipper.


    What kind of zipper do you have?

    There are three types of Zippers: Vison, Coil, and Metal.


    The type, brand, and size of your zipper can be found on the back of your zipper pull tab. 


    Most zippers are YKK. If you don't see YKK on your zipper, its a different brand. 

    The zipper on the left is non YKK size 7 coil, 
    the zipper on the right is a non YKK size 5 vislon.


    Don't be intimidated by the zippers, I was when I first started researching extenders, but I'm a pro now. Let me do that part for you if it's too overwhelming. I love chatting with new expecting moms! Don't hesitate to email me (my name is Nancy), or to contact me via facebook messenger.

    There is an easy online guide to help you match your zipper. If you don't see the zipper you need in stock, contact us and we'll bring it in for you.


    How To Position Your Coat Extender


    Wide part of the triangle down, over the belly. Here is a step-by-step guide in pictures!


    The wide part of the triangle up at your chest/ baby's head. Here is a step by step guide in pictures.


    Resale Value

    A coat extender is easier to resell than a maternity coat. Why?

    • The extender appeals to more people. Pregnant women and men or women who are babywearing.
    • It appeals to the minimalist trying to save on closet space.
    • It appeals to the pregnant woman who LOVES her existing coat, she spent a small fortune on it, and she wants to keep wearing it!
    • It has great resale value as a consignment piece, or if you try to resell it on your own. If reselling on your own, be sure to tell potential buyers where you purchased your extender. This will help you sell your piece, and give your potential buyer information on where they can purchase a zipper to match their coat!

    I really hope this helped demystify coat extenders. Any questions? don't hesitate to comment or to contact us privately. 


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