What Kind Of Nursing Bra Do I Need?

You'll need a bra suited for the things you like to do!

The goal of a breastfeeding bra is to give you support, make you comfortable, and make it quick and easy to whip out your boob to feed your baby.

As you probably read in our previous blog post, we recommend a minimum of three bras. The one you're wearing, the dirty bra, and the clean bra. But there are different types of bras out there to support you on your breastfeeding journey no matter what you're doing in life!



We recommend a sleep bra that will be comfortable and easy to feed in at night. This bra will also need enough support to hold your breast pads in place. 

A seamless tank or seamless bra is also a great supportive option for sleep.


Working out

You might have the opportunity to do a baby-and-me yoga class. Or want the convenience of feeding as soon as you get home from a run. Or you might love the style and comfort of a sports bra.  There are lots of bra styles and cuts to choose from when it comes to your fitness support needs.

You can have a sports bra that pulls over you head, a quick dry bra that you can cross the straps for extra support, and the ultra supportive bra that does up at the back to hold your ladies tight while you bounce!


Date Night

It's nice to slip into something sexier that will make you feel like more than a milk machine! It doesn't have to be date night, do it for you!


Day to Day Support

Your go to bra in the morning can be transitional or seamless. It can be plain white or black or beige, or you can spice is up with a bit of colour. You can get support these days without the underwire. 


You don't have to settle for an inflator bra that gives you a uniboob or makes you feel like a granny. You have lots of options out these to help you breastfeed with ease, comfort and style!

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