What Makes HEA Maternity Unique

Hi Ladies, it's Nancy.

With more and more Maternity resellers out there now, I wanted to explain a bit more about HEA maternity, and what makes us Unique, and what makes us the Best. Today I'm going to focus on the quality explanations I use in the product descriptions.

Happily Ever After Maternity is NOT a Maternity Boutique. 

When I started HEA in July 2015, I made the decision to not be boutique priced. The maternity industry is dominated by outrageous prices for pieces you don't wear for very long. I didn't want to open another store with high prices. 

HEA is the Only maternity reseller in Canada that doesn't limit its inventory to carefully curated high priced pieces. 

I carry a range of quality for a reason. Look in your closet and drawers. Before you got pregnant you had a range of clothing in your wardrobe to meet your needs and moods. For your pregnancy, you should be able to have that range in your wardrobe and not have to go broke doing it!

You have your work clothes, your play clothes, your gym clothes, your fav pieces for yoga, your date night outfits, your camping clothes, your binge watching Netflix pants that you-would-never-dare-wear-out-in-public! YOU DESERVE TO HAVE ALL THESE PIECES WHILE YOU'RE PREGNANT.

That's why Happily Ever After Maternity carries different quality pieces.

Here are our five quality descriptions explained. 


New items are purchased from Canadian or American wholesalers. These items are new, and we have them in multiple sizes. We occasionally purchase new clothing to fill in gaps in our inventory and to meet demand and customer requests. We price these items as low as we can to give you the best price possible everyday. Because of this, you won't see these pieces go on sale. 

New With Tags

New with tags are consignment pieces that were never worn by the person who purchased them from a retailer. 40% of the selling price goes to a consignee. 

Like New Condition

Like new condition pieces look like they've never been worn! These are higher priced consignments because they're in perfect condition. 40% of the selling price goes to a consignee. 

Gently Used

The term Gently used represents a sliding scale of quality. At the top end, the consignment pieces look great, but they've clearly been worn so they don't qualify as like new. At the bottom end, the pieces look used but they aren't quite broken in. For example, a shirt might have some pilling, and that would be described in the product description. 40% of the selling price goes to a consignee. 

Broken In

Broken in is the bottom end of quality. These consignment items still have life left in them, but are showing wear. These items are priced low for a quick sale. We carry broken in pieces because some women don't care what their clothes look like. While other women are chasing after toddlers and they don't want to ruin their nice clothes. In the Ottawa Valley we have a lot of farmers and gardens, and those expectant moms love this category to work and play in. 40% of the selling price goes to a consignee. 



I started this business FOR YOU!

I do my best to offer you the best. 

You deserve a great selection to meet all your needs!



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