What's the difference between a maternity top and a regular top?

Why can't you keep wearing your regular tops during your pregnancy? Because your regular tops aren't designed for your growing bump.

Maternity tops are designed to keep you covered as your bump grows.

How to they do that?

Maternity tops come in different styles and each style has special features to make them a good fit. 


Fitted and side ruching.

The side seams of the top have ruching. This is a stretchy elastic seam that takes the stress stress of the growing bump and saves the fabric from getting stretched out. 

Smaller back More on the Front

Some top are tailored to have a fitted back with more fabric in the front. These tops are usually fitted and have smooth sides 

Extra Side Panel

Two side seams. An extra panel is added to the sides to give your bump room to grow. 

Fitted chest & loose bump



This style top is fitted in the chest, has a belt or elastic detail at the empire waist (above the bump, think bra line), and flows over the bump. It's a looser fit top in the bump. 


So there you have it. How maternity tops are different from regular tops!



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