5 Pieces of Maternity Clothing You Need to buy Secondhand This Winter

Thyme maternity is gone, so what now? Where are you suppose to get the clothing you need?  The good news, there’s a new and growing maternity market for the resale of maternity clothing.

Think of your maternity wardrobe as a rental, you only need it for a short time. When you’re done with it, you can pass on your clothes to another expectant mom and get money some back. #womensupportingwomen

Maternity resale is creating a circular economy that’s empowering women by protecting the environment and saving money.


Not sold on Secondhand Clothing?

But think about it. How long will you need your maternity clothing?

If this is your first pregnancy chances are you’re half way and you’re just starting to look at tops and pants because your clothing is getting too snug. Maternity clothing is only worn for a few months, some pieces are only worn once!

Here’s HEA’s guide to the five best maternity pieces to buy second-hand this winter. You’ll look great, feel great, and you’ll save money! Find out why it’s awesome when someone else pays full price first!


#1 Winter coats


We aren’t kids anymore, so our winter outerwear doesn’t wear out, we usually replace it when we get board or find something new we love!

  • You can save up to 80% off regular price by buying a second-hand winter coat or vest.
  • Think of the selection! Most maternity retailers come out with two or three styles of coats per year. With second-hand you get a wider selection of styles.
  • The environmental benefits are enormous. Think of all the raw materials, water, and carbon emissions that were saved because you purchased a piece that was already made!

    #2 Dresses


    How many times have you bought a dress for a specific occasion and only worn it once? Pregnancy is no different. COVID may have changed our ability to gather for social events like office parties, weddings, & Baby showers, but there are still photoshoots, date night, a themed chirstmas, and anniversary dinners to dress for.  My point is, most dresses get purchased for a specific event or purpose and only get worn once during a pregnancy. Most resale dresses look brand spanking new!

    • You’ll often find maternity dresses resale that are still new with tags!
    • Resale Dresses are one of a kind! You aren’t confined to this seasons trends.
    • The environment benefits again because the dress gets shipping to you whole. The raw materials aren’t being shipped to a distributor, then a factory, and the dress itself is not travelling across the world to a distribution center, then a retail store.


    #3 Knits


    Knit sweaters are gorgeous and comfy in the winter. But if baby is turning up the heat, you may not get a lot of wear out of them.

    • Resale give you more style options. More selection, more style.
    • Did you know you can continue to wear maternity knits long after your pregnancy? Knit sweaters retain the shape of the knit, and if paired with a nursing cami, can be worn to breastfeed.
    • The environment benefits because the synthetic fabrics are being re-worn instead of reproduced. This saves water in two ways. The water needed for the production of the fabric, and the pollution that goes into the water from the dying process. Yes this pollution happened when the garment was first created, but by being worn by a second person, this process is not repeated!


    #4 Jeans

    Jeans are a wardrobe staple! Skinnies, straight leg and bootcut offer great versatility and style to your casual look. Jeans hold up well to multiple washes and in many cases, women pick a favourite pair, and wear the crap out of them, leaving the rest in the dresser untouched and unworn. I’m so guilty of this!

    • Jeans have a lot of character, and certain colours and shades aren’t available every season. Resale gives you more options and styles to choose from then retail.
    • Resale saves you up to 75% off the retail price of jeans. And because jeans wear so well, no one will know you bought them second-hand!
    • Buying jeans second-hand helps reduce your water consumption. Cotton is the most common fiber used in denim. And growing cotton requires a lot of fresh water for the crops. Cotton is a large consumer of water. According to The World Counts.com and water Foot print.org, it takes 10,000 liters of waterto produce 1 kilo of cotton. That means it takes about 6,000L to produce a pair of jeans. When you buy clothing you therefore “use” water from wherever the cotton was produced.



    #5 Yoga/Lounge Pants


    Comfy pants, we all have those pants in our wardrobe that are for-our-eyes-only, you know those pants you binge watch Netflix in, the ones that are never meant to be worn in public! When pregnancy starts to feel long, and you just want to be comfortable, these pieces (and leggings) will be your at home go to.

    • Why pay a fortune on pants you’re going to lounge around in and do chores in when you can get some for under $20?
    • These pieces aren’t meant to be high fashion, they’re meant to be comfortable! So if someone else has already broken them in, bonus!
    • The environmental benefits again, you’re a superhero shopping resale! Think of all the raw materials, water, and carbon emissions that were saved because you purchased a piece that was already made and on the same continent as you!

    Join the Trending Movement

    Maternity resale is an amazing trending movement. Resale is also a great way to try out new brands before you buy them at full price. It’s a great test to see if the brands fabrics and fit are right for you.

    When browsing a resellers selection, don’t limit yourself to the five garments listed above There are lots of great finds in all categories of maternity clothing like pants, blouses, T’s and swimwear.


    By shopping resale you’ve just helped the environment, you’ve supported another mom because she gets paid when her clothing sells, and you’ve saved your family a ton of money!


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