I'm Pregnant and My Breasts Are Leaking!

Leaky breasts during pregnancy is normal!
What do I wear to sleep? This is one of the questions I get asked by pregnant moms who experience early lactation.
HEA has four solutions for you! The breast pad 
Our breast pads are handmade by a local maker named Connie.
The Seamless Bra We have two different styles of seamless bras that are perfect for your pregnancy.
This seamless style you can cross the straps in the back 
This seamless style wears like a regular bra 
Perfect for side sleeping because this cami has no seams. Designed to be worn pregnant and for breastfeeding, this cami will convert any top you own into a breastfeeding top. Not planning to breastfeed? No problem! When you're done with your maternity wardrobe, the seamless cami will resell really quickly! Since seamless camis are so versatile, they are in high demand!
The bralette is one piece of cotton with a racerback. It has a wide bottom elastic band that stays put under your breasts so your breasts won't slip out the bottom! What I'm wearing!
The leaf print tank top has sold since I shot this video 
The cardigan is a size small Liz Lang

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